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Lonely Koreans Hire Dates (2016/04/20)
Ancient Korean food comes to life in Japan after 13 centuries (2016/04/13)
Whining foreigners, racism and in-between (2016/04/12)
Korean Porn Site Shutdown Highlights Nation's Poor IT and Cultural Knowledge (2016/04/09)
Celebration to Mark 70 Years of Democracy in Korea Planned (2016/04/08)
Koreans Move to Northern Europe to Escape Koreans (2016/04/07)
Dokdo Land Prices Rise by 494 Percent Since 2011 (2016/04/02)

New Korean Government Symbol is Whale Chasing Its Own Tail (2016/03/31)
Korea Under Threat - President Flees With 100 Business Executives (2016/03/29)
Ugly Foreigners (2016/03/28)
Google's Devious Plan to Humiliate Korea (2016/03/27)
North Korea in Plea to Tea Party (2016/03/26)
Spartan 3000: Embarrassment as New South Korean Unit Gives Away Vital Military Secret (2016/03/21)
South Korea's Sexual Harassment Culture Causing Evolutionary Changes (2016/03/19)


Han River to run through Seoul (2015/08/30)
Typhoon Goni brings Dokdo Times record attempt to an end (2015/08/28)




Government to Research Singing Talents of Admiral Yi (2013/08/01)
Ruling Against Sham International Marriages Threatens US-Korea Relationship (2013/07/26)
Busan Announces Sister City Initiative With Fukushima and Chernobyl (2013/07/18)
Hackers Spend Four Years Trying to Find South Korean Military Secrets (2013/07/17)
American Foods to Face Anti-American Tax (2013/05/19)
Psy Admitted to Harvard (2013/05/12)
Troubling Snapshot of Average Korean Teenager (2013/05/10)

Anger at BBC Use of 'Human Shields' in North Korea (2013/04/14)
'Dokdo' To Be Carved on Every Korean Schoolchild
Should Nurseries Stop Beating Babies? (2013/04/02)
Breaking News: North Korea Offers Unconditional Peace Talks (2013/04/01)
Psy Drops Plans to Promote Porn Site with New Single (2013/04/01)

Are South Korea's Apple Communists Guilty of Treason? (2013/03/31)
Traditional Korean Slap in the Face Under Threat (2013/03/29)
Infocon: "North Korean" Hacking Attack Hits Banks, TV Networks (2013/03/21)
Demand for Hitmen in Korea Expected to Peak by 2030 (2013/03/19)
'Womanification' of Korea Continues with Admiral Yi Sex Doll (2013/03/13)
New Ministers Divided on Who Beats President (2013/03/12)

Busan Foreigner Flash Mob Plan Creates Fears, Panic (2013/02/27)
Man Has Plastic Surgery After Stealing 4.7 Billion (2013/02/26)
Over 30 Million Sign Up for Mobile Banking (2013/02/26)
Gangnam Style-Harlem Shake Dance Off at Inauguration? (2013/02/24)
Prosecutors Seize Blue House Over Japanese Collaboration (2013/02/23)
Japan to Build Floating Dokdo Island in Bizarre Territorial Threat (2013/02/19)
K-Pop Star Unable to Watch Own Raunchy Video (2013/02/18)
Will South Korea Adopt Neo-Colonial Anti-Discrimination Law? (2013/02/17)
Abe Won't Come to Park's Inauguration (2013/02/16)
North Korean Nuclear Attack on South Fails Again (2013/02/14)
Ahn 'Open to Becoming New First Lady' (2013/02/06)

Park Achieves One of Her Election Goals Before Taking Office (2013/01/19)
Universities Cut Fees as Part of Government Campaign (2013/01/18)
North Korea Fingered in Cyber Attack on Dokdo Times (2013/01/17)
"Dokdo Oath" Proposed for Foreign English Teachers with AIDS (2013/01/10)


South Korea Elects First Robot President (2012/12/20)
Breaking News: Park Geun-hye Wins South Korea's Election (2012/12/19)
Election Special: Big Surge in Eligible Voters for Park Geun-hye (2012/12/18)
Ahn - The Lights Are On But Nobody's Home (2012/12/07)

Does South Korean Beer Taste Worse than North Korean Beer? (2012/11/30)
Hyundai-Kia Gas Mileage Misunderstanding in America (2012/11/29)
Korean Government to Make Raping Your Wife Illegal (2012/11/28)
Ahn Cheol-soo Rumored to be Considering 2017 Campaign (2012/11/23)
Mixed Race Children with Speech Deficiencies to Plague Korea (2012/11/23)
First Episode of South Korea Park Animated Comedy Outrage (2012/11/22)
Bus Companies to Force People to take Taxis in Strike Against Taxis (2012/11/21)
Ahn Says No to Internet Explorer in Korean Election (2012/11/15)
South Korea to Develop 'Small-Sized Tactical Vehicle' (2012/11/14)
Foreigners Who Have AIDS Should Get Tested Urges KFAP (2012/11/09)
Elephant Can Speak Korean, Why Can't Foreigners? (2012/11/08)
Korean Film Sweeps Korean Film Awards (2012/11/01)

Over $11 Billion Spent on Hagwon (2012/10/25)
Psy Wins Korean Grand Prix (2012/10/14)
Military Criticized for Trying to Cover Up North Korean Invasion (2012/10/12)
Japanese Finally Sobering Up After Dokdo Rage? (2012/10/11)
Researchers Prove Sex with Korean Women Reduces Lifespans (2012/10/08)
[Oppa-Ed] How Much Psy is Not Enough? (2012/10/01)

Ahn Cheol-soo Announces Political Run Against Himself (2012/09/29)
Weather Girl Refuses to be Pigeonholed as Weather Girl (2012/09/28)
After "Gangnam Style", Should PSY Make "Dokdo Style" Sequel? (2012/09/25)
Sex Offenders 'No Longer Trusted to be Honest' (2012/09/20)
Woolly Mammoths Back on the Menu? (2012/09/19)
Typhoon Ahn Forecast to Strike Korea Tomorrow (2012/09/18)
Ultra-Typhoon Sanba Threatens Korean Media Adjective Scale (2012/09/13)
Rising Korean Elderly Population Sparks Concerns (2012/09/10)
World's Oldest Boat Remains Found in Korea (2012/09/09)
Urgent! Samurai Warriors Coming to Dokdo! (2012/09/04)
Ahn Finally Decides to Tape Up Windows (2012/09/02)
KMA team up with Northeast Asian History Foundation (2012/09/01)

No Nuclear Leak at Uljin Reactor (2012/08/29)
Sexual Harassment by Female Sluts in Korea is Killing Men (2012/08/25)
Typhoon Bolaven Brings Korea Chance to Officially Claim Ieodo (2012/08/24)
Japanese Prime Minister Wants to Bomb Pearl Harbor Again (2012/08/22)
Can Korea Pretend to Have Moved? (2012/08/21)
Will Korea Become Subject to American Law? (2012/08/19)
Olympic Footballer Kim to Promote Air Force (2012/08/17)
What About Japan's Nazi Flags at the Olympics? (2012/08/17)
Facebook and Facebok Ten Years On (2012/08/16)
France Goes Paris on Korean Car Imports (2012/08/15)
Korean Christian Fight Club May be Closed (2012/08/14)
Betrayal! Infamy! Lee Myung-bak Betrays Dokdo (2012/08/13)
Analysis: Korea Not Yet Ready to Face Japan's Nuclear Terrorism (2012/08/12)
Nuclear Terrorism: Japanese Agent Launches Attack Against Korea! (2012/08/12)
IOC Foreigners Confuse Politics with Truth (2012/08/12)
Olympic Football Victory Shows How Attack on Japan Could Work (2012/08/11)
South Korean President Lee Myung-bak Visits Dokdo! (2012/08/10)
Korea to Face Mortal Enemy Japan in Olympic Football (2012/08/09)
Is Korean History Being Lost? (2012/08/08)
Korea First in Low-Wage Workers (2012/08/06)
Prank Candidates to Face Heavy Penalty (2012/08/05)
Two Koreas Demand Be Officially Recognized (2012/08/03)
Localizing Korean Food (2012/08/02)
Shin Video - London 2012 - the Anti-Korean Olympics? (2012/08/01)

Switzerland Beat South Korea 1-0 on Insults in Olympic Football (2012/07/31)
Vampire Who Refused to Take Foreign Blood Dies (2012/07/30)
The Shocking Reality About Relationships With MBC TV Heads (2012/07/29)
Most Sex Offenders in Seoul Don't Really Live in City (2012/07/27)
North Korea Threatens to Destroy Glasgow in a 'Sea of Fire' (2012/07/26)
Miss Plastic Surgery Korea Admits to Faking Operations (2012/07/23)
Busan International Magic Festival to Make City's Debt Vanish (2012/07/21)
Ahn Says 'Buy My Book and I'll Run for President' (2012/07/20)
Female Presidential Candidate Should "Show Some Leg" (2012/07/19)
Amnesty Opposes Korean Human Rights (2012/07/18)
North Korea in Failure to Repay Loan Shock (2012/07/17)
A Problem Women Predictably Can't Solve (2012/07/16)
Drunk, Violent, Sexually Immoral Foreigners Get Own Reality Show (2012/07/15)
Boryeong Mud Festival Begins (2012/07/14)
Setback for Koliban as Judge Rules Women Can Meet Men Alone (2012/07/13)
Stalking Seoul’s Sexy and Trashy Sluts (2012/07/12)
Japanese Embassy Ambushes Korean Truck Driver (2012/07/11)
Is Korea Too Culturally Full to Accommodate Other Cultures? (2012/07/10)
Gram of Pot Now as Cheap as a Gram of English (2012/07/09)
Undermanned US Military Attempts to Press-Gang Koreans (2012/07/08)
South Korea Joins War on Whales Following Military Pact (2012/07/07)
Revisionist Researchers Claim Hangeul is only 3,000 Years Old (2012/07/05)

Shock as President Lee Myung-bak Recalled for Military Duty (2012/06/30)
'Sunshine Policy Only Lasted 9 Minutes' Claim (2012/06/26)
Government to Ban Alcohol Sales from Schools (2012/06/25)
Road Deaths Plummet Following National Taxi Strike (2012/06/21)
Nationwide Blackout Held to Prepare for Possible Nationwide Blackout (2012/06/20)
The Shocking Reality About Foreign Hagwon Recruiters (2012/06/17)
Anger as Apple Declares Dokdo Japanese Territory (2012/06/15)
Tenth Anniversary of Girls Killed by US Military (2012/06/14)
Foreigner Arrested at Airport Carrying Drugs (2012/06/12)
Can a Korean Team Still Represent Korea with a Foreigner? (2012/06/10)
MBC Program 'Not Intended to be Racist, but Misogynistic' (2012/06/09)
Flats for Foreigners Can't Find Tenants (2012/06/06)
MBC Program Investigated After Spike in Hospital Visits (2012/06/05)
Outrage Over Foreign Nudity in ‘Sex Park’ on Jeju Island (2012/06/02)

The Shocking Reality About Relationships With Foreigners (2012/05/31)
Seoul Zombie Outbreak Goes Unnoticed for Two Weeks (2012/05/30)
Buddhist Order Sees Applications Jump After Scandals (2012/05/25)
Native English Teachers Threaten to Turn Sun Dark Over Pay (2012/05/20)
Stolen Korean Idea Facebook Floats (2012/05/19)
U.S. Skeptical of Seoul’s Long-Range Missile Ambition (2012/05/17)
History Institute to Foster Reconciliation (2012/05/16)
Tactical Nuclear Weapons May Be Deployed to Future UPP Meetings (2012/05/15)
Multiple Choice English Teaching to be Turned Into MMORPG (2012/05/11)
North Korea Continues Efforts to Bring Down Passenger Plane (2012/05/08)
Korean Cannibals Denied Human Flesh Pills (2012/05/07)
Another Bank Run in Korea (2012/05/06)
'Gaga Rule' Will Not Affect Child K-Pop Groups Say Lawmakers (2012/05/04)
North Korea Spent $15 Redesigning Its Homepage (2012/05/03)
Multicultural Schools Are a Problem Waiting to Happen (2012/05/02)
First Dokdo Wine Goes on Sale (2012/05/01)

Rabies Outbreak Worsens Near Seoul (2012/04/26)
Who Spies on the Spy Schools? (2012/04/24)
Anti-English Spectrum Rejects Foreign Members (2012/04/20)
Classes Formally Suspended at Seoul International University (2012/04/19)
Ultra-Rightists in Tokyo (2012/04/18)
Ahn Promises Almost Certainly Decisive Presidency (2012/04/17)
North Korea Announces Name of First Astronaut (2012/04/15)
North Korean Rocket Launch A Success - North Korea (2012/04/13)
Is Your English Instructor Really English? (2012/04/12)
UAP Win Landslide in South Korean Elections (2012/04/11)
Are Koreans Jewish? (2012/04/05)
Lectures on Local Films for Foreigners (2012/04/04)
Foreigners Fear Mass Deportations as Government Goes Nuclear (2012/04/03)
Government Blocks Teens from Viewing Government (2012/04/01)

Korean Worker Drinks 1.5 Coffees a Day (2012/03/30)
Tax Office to Buy Stolen Data From Chinese Hackers (2012/03/29)
Korea Welcomes Kim Yong’s Nomination to Head World Bank (2012/03/28)
Seoul Nuke Summit Ends in "Safer World" (2012/03/27)
Foreigner Who Believed He Was a Professor Medivaced Home (2012/03/22)
New Rock DNA Technique Proves Dokdo is Korean (2012/03/21)
Nuclear Workers to be Banned From Restaurants After Accident (2012/03/20)
Method Found Around FTA Agreements (2012/03/16)
China Attacks Korean Island of Ieodo (2012/03/15)
Ahn Cheol-soo to Announce Presidential Run During Ides of March (2012/03/14)
War: South Korea Launches Assault Against North (2012/03/13)
Japan Demands Korea Take Measures on Sex Slavery (2012/03/12)
Seoul Seeks to Stabilize Prices in Service Sector (2012/03/10)
Is US Military in South Korea for ‘Display Purposes Only’? (2012/03/09)
Korea to Start Daily Space Weather Alert Services (2012/03/08)
Man Caught Helping Poor People "May Be Crazy" (2012/03/07)
Urgent: Hungry North Korea Agrees to Suspend Nuclear Program For Dinner
Urgent: North Korea Resumes Nuclear Program After Eating Urgent: Hungry North Korea Agrees to Suspend Nuclear Program For Lunch (2012/03/04)

Hawaiian Airlines' Cultural Insensitivity to Koreans (2012/02/26)
Koreans Live Longer Than People in Any Other Country (2012/02/25)
Cyworld to Build Version of Cyworld Where Cyworld is Popular (2012/02/23)
Government Crackdown on Drunk Airline Pilots (2012/02/20)
Who is Ahn Cheol-soo? (2012/02/14)
Koreans Urged to Buy Gifts for Dokdo on Valentine's Day (2012/02/13)
Most College Girls Ditch First Boyfriend Within Two Years (2012/02/12)
E-Books Expected to Herald New Reading Culture (2012/02/09)
Kim Denies Being in Anti-Virus Business (2012/02/08)
NK Blasts Upcoming Korea-US Military Drills (2012/02/07)
North Korea Fights Restaurant War With South (2012/02/05)

New TV Show "I Want to Be Average" A Hit (2012/01/28)
Korea Times: Alien Invaders From Planet Gootan Arrive November (2012/01/26)
Was Seollal Japanese First? (2012/01/24)
Exclusive: Microsoft Plans Massive Cyber Attack Against South Korea (2012/01/15)
'Organized Crime Ring Members Control Korea' (2012/01/12)
Hyundai Ends Legal Battle Against Hyundai (2012/01/04)
2012 Marks 5,000 Years of Hangeul (2012/01/03)


Anti-FTA Protesters Seek to Ban Santa From South Korea (2011/12/24)
NK Requests More Wailers Before Resuming Six-Party Talks (2011/12/23)
Foreign Media Frustrated as War Fails to Break Out (2011/12/20)
Christmas Trees Originated in Korea (2011/12/17)
Rain Hinders Occupy Protests in Seoul (2011/12/13)
Namhae: An Island Famous for Not Being Famous (2011/12/11)
Restroom Revelation Inspires Google Chief to Laud K-Work Ethic (2011/12/09)

Simulated Attack on Yeonpyeong Island a "Great Success" (2011/11/29)
Koreans Advised to Masturbate to Prevent AIDS (2011/11/27)
Populist Plot to Bomb National Assembly Revealed (2011/11/22)
Kazakhstan Declared Korean Territory (2011/11/15)
Koreans' TOEFL Ranking Drops, Moves Ahead of English Teachers (2011/11/04)
Wave of Spousal Disappearances Feared as F6 Visas Introduced (2011/11/02)
Tokyo Teachers' Union Denies Japan's Claim to Dokdo (2011/11/01)

Where is the Korean Steve Jobs? (2011/10/28)
Korea Begins Official Exports of Counterfeit Goods (2011/10/27)
Hanbok Sex Show Held on Dokdo Despite Protests (2011/10/26)
Washing Machine Explosion Due to "Removal From Showroom" (2011/10/25)
North Korea Threatens "All Out War" Against South for 1,000th Time (2011/10/19)
Mr. Pizza Satire a Cleverly Disguised Attack on Dokdo (2011/10/18)
Korea's Second F1 Grand Prix Declared a Success (2011/10/12)
Kakao Talk Disaster Strikes South Korea (2011/10/08)
The Demise of The Big Bang Theory (2011/10/07)
Wife Who Refused to Cook and Clean Divorced and Fined (2011/10/03)
AKET Dead (2011/10/02)

All Future Gmail Messages to Be Forwarded to (2011/09/28)
Top Seoul Educator On Duty Behind Bars (2011/09/27)
Foreign Teachers Demand Higher Salaries... Or Else (2011/09/23)
To Punish UK, Korea May Use 'Malvinas Sea' Around Falklands (2011/09/22)
Patriotism Proposed As Way to "Regulate Excessive Democracy" (2011/09/21)
Incheon Air Traffic Controller Paralyzed for an Hour (2011/09/20)
United Nations Celebrates 20 Years of Korean Membership (2011/09/17)
Today's Blackouts Caused by Incompetence, Not NK Attack (2011/09/15)
In Search of Japan's Feng-Shui Stakes (2011/09/13)
Secret of How to Get Rich in Korea Revealed (2011/09/12)
Scandal As Mourning Woman Recruits "Professional Wailer" (2011/09/07)
'PFA Spotted in the Sky Above Downtown Seoul' (2011/09/06)
TV Personality Charged With Losing Korean Money Overseas (2011/09/04)
Korean Plans $1 Million in 'Cash Aid' for Libyan Rebels (2011/09/03)
Daegu World Athletics Championship Mascot Escapes (2011/09/02)

Government Announces Development of Korean Operating System (2011/08/28)
Home-Made High-Speed Train Forced to Stop Again (2011/08/26)
Korean Car Destroyed in Battle for Tripoli (2011/08/24)
Will Daejeon UFOs Raise or Lower Property Prices? (2011/08/18)
East Sea Mistake - It Was Always 'Sea of Korea' (2011/08/16)
TechnoMart Building Moves Again, Runs Red Light (2011/08/15)
Should Bombs Be Dropped on Illegal Aliens? (2011/08/13)
Korean Wave Sparks Tongue-Lengthening Craze! (2011/08/12)
Man With Orange Car Shunned By Community (2011/08/11)
"Screw poverty, what about the East Sea?" (2011/08/10)
Korea May Have Existed 'Before Universe Began' - Scientist (2011/08/08)
Global Financial Crisis Could Damage Dokdo's Main Export of Fear (2011/08/07)
Law School Graduates Face Grim Reality (2011/08/05)
Japanese Invasion of Korea Pushed Back at Gimpo (2011/08/02)

Korean Government Proposes New Solution to China's Cyberwar (2011/07/28)
Kim Jong-il May Win Next South Korean Presidential Election (2011/07/26)
Foreigners in Korea Try to Break Stereotypes with Pub-Crawl (2011/07/22)
"Rats", Not Earthquake, Caused TechnoMart Building to Shake (2011/07/21)
Campaigners Against Tuition Costs Investigated for Treason (2011/07/20)
Mars Colony "May Be Lost" Admits Govt. Minister (2011/07/16)
Kim Yu-na Won Olympics for Korea with Perfect Oral Performance (2011/07/14)
K-pop Fans Fight Running Battles with Police in London (2011/07/12)
Should the Olympics Always Be Held in Korea? (2011/07/10)
'Captain America' Movie Title a Problem in South Korea (2011/07/09)
EU Sides With North Korea in Ongoing Korean Conflict (2011/07/08)
Pyeongchang Olympic Win Bad News for Dokdo (2011/07/07)
Seoul Mayor Casting Himself as 'Antipopulism Warrior' (2011/07/06)
Highly Localized Earthquakes Plague Korean Buildings (2011/07/05)
Do Koreans Look Good in Nazi Uniforms? (2011/07/02)
Foreign Criminals to be Required to Register Fingerprints (2011/07/01)

Gunfire Welcomes Put on Hold After Airline Complaints (2011/06/30)
Korean Wave Causes Earthquakes in North Korea (2011/06/25)
Profile: Anti-Foreigner Spectrum Promotes Cultural Understanding (2011/06/24)
International Conference to be Held on Korean Island of Ieodo (2011/06/23)
Immigrants Supposedly Not Responsible For Crime Wave (2011/06/17)
Whistle-Blowers Who Exposed University Corruption Punished (2011/06/16)
String of Conscript Deaths 'Caused by Spinal Meningitis Outbreak' (2011/06/15)
Did Former Prime Minister Sexually Abuse Korean Flag? (2011/06/13)
Government Official Admits to Taking Money, But Denies Bribery (2011/06/09)
TV Personality Jailed for Missing TV Show (2011/06/06)
Foreigner Replaces Self With Mannequin, Claims Nobody Notices (2011/06/03)
Jinju Suicide Festival Draws Fire (2011/06/01)

US Intelligence Director Makes Top Secret Visit to South Korea (2011/05/31)
Happy Call Service for Foreigners Launches (2011/05/29)
Seoul Court Values North Koreans at 1.59 Million Won Each (2011/05/27)
Jindo Dogs Not Suitable for Police Work (2011/05/26)
Medical Tourism Project Fails to Take Off (2011/05/25)
South Korean Sitcom Hit Among N.K. Teens (2011/05/24)
Korean Rapture Believers Perplexed After Prediction Fails (2011/05/23)
Joy as Twelve-Year Foreign Resident Speaks First Korean Word (2011/05/22)
Judges Can't Let Ex-Judges Win Court Cases (2011/05/18)
Foreigners Accused of Property Speculation (2011/05/14)
Customer "Slightly Disappointed" With New TV, Seongsan Sues (2011/05/12)
Majority of South Koreans Want Atomic Bomb (2011/05/09)
Police Storm Google Korea's Hideout (2011/05/04)
First Seoul International Bankruptcy Festival a Great Success (2011/05/03)
Foreigner Meetings Point to Massive Conspiracy (2011/05/01)

New Korean Dating Site a Big Hit (2011/04/29)
Shock as 'Multicultural Society' Leads to More 'Non-Korean Behaviour' (2011/04/26)
Collection of Political DNA Samplings Draws Protest (2011/04/25)
'Japan Now Bigger Threat Than North Korea' (2011/04/21)
New Korean Credit Agency Gives Korea Top Credit Rating (2011/04/20)
Rain is World's Most Influential Person Again (2011/04/18)
Simulated Nuclear Plant Attack Turns Real (2011/04/17)
Hyundai Sets Up Intellectual Property Theft Center in China (2011/04/14)
Female Consensual Sex Outbreak Worsening (2011/04/12)
New South Korean Novel Warps Fabric of Spacetime (2011/04/10)
Foreign Collaborators To Be Tried Post-Liberation (2011/04/08)
Korean Streets Deserted as Radioactive Rain Falls (2011/04/07)
Korea Considers Severing Ties Over Dokdo Issue (2011/04/05)
More Homeless Sent to Shelters (2011/04/04)
Increasing Number of Korean Parents Reborn as Grandchildren (2011/04/03)
Anti-Piracy Drill Held in Busan (2011/04/02)
Rotte Group Withdraws 'Take Our Place in Japan' Competition (2011/04/01)

Korean Moon Landings Faked, Claims Fringe Group (2011/03/31)
Some Drunk Drivers to be Banned from Driving Buses (2011/03/30)
Betrayal! Infamy! Japan Betrays Korea Over Dokdo (2011/03/29)
One Year On – Hankyoreh Still In Denial Over Cheonan (2011/03/28)
Panic in Korea as Bananas Found to be Radioactive (2011/03/27)
Teachers Rush to Abuse Children Before April Deadline (2011/03/26)
Police Issue Arrest Warrants for 40,000 Korea Times Readers (2011/03/25)
Lehman Administrators Hire Korean Housewife (2011/03/22)
Korean ISPs Unhappy with Foreigner Tracking Database (2011/03/11)
North Korea Welcomes Seoul's Move to Planned Economy (2011/03/09)
Banking Pyramid Scheme Comes Crashing Down (2011/03/07)
In Search of More Viewers, KBS Promises New Screaming Show (2011/03/04)

Formation of English Edutainers Group in Korea Causes Controversy (2011/02/28)
Parents Warned "Mixed Race Children" May Be Terrorists (2011/02/22)
Sea of Japan to Be Renamed Greater China Sea (2011/02/18)
"Being Drunk" May No Longer Be Valid Reason for Sex Attacks (2011/02/15)
Middle East Uprisings Alarm Korean Leadership (2011/02/11)
North Korean Defectors Talk of Harsh Repression and Hardship (2011/02/09)
'Seollal' Wrongly Called 'Chinese New Year' in America (2011/02/04)
Deutsche Bank May Face Record Fine For Selling Korean Stocks (2011/02/01)

20th Century Map Proves Dokdo is Korean Territory (2011/01/30)
Robot Teachers Accused of Sex Assaults, Taking Drugs (2011/01/28)
Left-Wing Journalists Say Hankyoreh Most Trusted Media Source (2011/01/26)
Busan Crane Protest Enters Its 25th Year (2011/01/24)
Korean Reality TV Program 'Too Depressing', Canceled (2011/01/21)
Dicknose Americans Snub Hyundai Avante (2011/01/18)
Immigration Service Creates 'Immigration Roulette' Game (2011/01/17)
Seoul Fights Back Against Tourists (2011/01/15)
Radical Eslamists Demand Korean Movie Theaters Switch to English (2011/01/13)
Sex Attackers Welcome Reassertion of Legal Protection (2011/01/10)
Hyundai is Preferred Bidder for Bankrupt Hyundai (2011/01/09)
K-Logic Stuns Math and Philosophy World (2011/01/07)
Alien Invasion 2012: Korea Times Posts First Alien Photo (2011/01/03)
Panic As Korea Times Reports Alien Spaceships Heading for Earth (2011/01/02)
Japan Begins 'Hate Korea Year 2011' (2011/01/01)


Korea May Now Only Have Two Seasons Say Scientists (2010/12/31)
"Jesus Was Korean" Says Seoul Church (2010/12/24)
South Korea Rejects Japan’s Offer to Help Invade North (2010/12/21)
Runaway Mayor Captured Nine Days After Escape (2010/12/18)
Woman Admits New Foreign Husband May Be “Really Dumb” (2010/12/17)
Chaebols Hatch Plan to Blame Future Fires on Rats (2010/12/15)
Foreigner Admits New Wife May Be "Really Dumb" (2010/12/13)
Marxist Dalai Lama Poses Problem For South Korean Government (2010/12/10)
Foreign Teachers Move to Wrong Korea, Set up Socialist Group (2010/12/08)
Aid Sent to North Korea as Soldiers Too Hungry to Invade (2010/12/06)
New Tourism Slogan Is “Korea, Better Than You” (2010/12/03)

Mentally Ill People to be Eligible to Drive (2010/11/30)
Police Want to Question Sarah Palin Over North Korea Comments (2010/11/28)
Fearing Arrest, Chinese Foreign Minister Cancels South Korea Trip (2010/11/27)
Disney Sues Arirang Over Korea Coverage (2010/11/26)
China Urged to Return To Negotiating Table After Attack (2010/11/25)
Anti-Korean Wave Sweeps Taiwan (2010/11/23)
Koreans Discover Another City Full of Koreans on Southern Coast (2010/11/19)
Korea Times Sentenced Over Foreigner Attack (2010/11/16)
Ministry of Justice Warns Gay Infection May Spread Through TVs (2010/11/12)
G-20 Special: Summit Already a “Huge Success” (2010/11/11)
Government Plan To Eliminate Poverty Aims at Nuts and Berries (2010/11/09)
Dokdo missing on iPhone, Galaxy S (2010/11/05)
Government Seeks to Put Overseas Koreans Out of Business (2010/11/02)

G20 Meeting Failure 'Lucky Escape for Seoul and Korea' (2010/10/29)
Crowds Wait in Vain For Korean Formula One Driver to Lap Circuit (2010/10/26)
F1 Driver Denied Entry to Korea Under Tough New Visa Restrictions (2010/10/22)
Should Sex With Children Over 13 Be Illegal? (2010/10/19)
English-Speakers in Korea Demand Right to Shop in English (2010/10/15)
Outrage Follows Korean Translation of Philip K. Dick Novel (2010/10/08)
Hankyoreh Claims North Korean Torpedo “Peace Offering” (2010/10/01)

Dokdo Plans International Airport (2010/09/24)
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