Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Busan Foreigner Flash Mob Plan Creates Fears, Panic

Aliens are coming for you
Authorities have expressed concerns about a plan by Busan English FM – a local counterfeit of Seoul's TBS eFM in Korea's second-class city – to create four flash mobs tomorrow featuring non-Korean looking foreigners.

Investigative journalists from The Dokdo Times have discovered the flash mobs will be targeted at strategically important sites around Busan – the Sasang Bus Terminal, the Shinsegae Department Store which generates 90% of the city's income, Busan Train Station, and in front of Pusan National University, which still claims in English to be one of ten flagship national universities in Korea despite being forced to drop the word national from its Korean title because it wasn't based in Seoul and therefore can at best really only be described as 'provincial'.

It isn't clear why the radio station – which like TBS eFM is said to be tightly controlled by Koreans who secretly harbor a deep distrust of foreigners - is organizing an event which seems guaranteed to create fear among the peace loving citizens of Busan, but some believe it is a cynical attempt to drive people to listen to the English language broadcaster to find out if an American invasion is underway.

Military sources have been keen to stress however that while the U.S. Army has invaded Busan before, there is no immediate threat of them launching a second attack while the six-party talks are still notionally ongoing. And while it has often been suspected that foreigners in Korea are little more than advanced scouts probing for weaknesses in Korea's cultural defenses, Busan actually plays reluctant host to very few foreigners during the winter, with most of them only flooding in during the summer to stare at nearly naked Korean girls on Haeundae Beach and commit other sex crimes.

The general lack of resident aliens in Busan may be the reason why Busan e-FM is only asking for four foreigners per flash-mob, a number which police in Busan still regard as "dangerously high", like many of the foreigners who come to Korea to take drugs and spread AIDS. It has also been suggested that the radio station is attempting to set the record for the world's smallest flash mob, although this is currently held by a tiny group of Japanese citizens who once attempted to protest Korea's rightful ownership of the Dokdo Islands.

Two years ago evidence emerged of a massive conspiracy among foreigners in Korea, but a lack of spies with good English skills has hampered efforts by the National Intelligence Service to discover its purpose. However, it is known the foreigners frequently refer to themselves as ex-patriots, indicating that despite coming here willingly and uninvited, they may no longer be loyal to Korea.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Man Has Plastic Surgery After Stealing 4.7 Billion

A man in his 30s who stole 4.7 billion won ($4.3 million) from his employer is said to have ended up spending 4.7 billion won on plastic surgery to avoid arrest after miscalculating the soaring cost of cosmetic alteration treatments in South Korea.

Police said the man, only identified by his surname Kim, worked in the finance department of a local semiconductor firm. He has been arrested for the crime of Overly Conspicuous Embezzlement, after other workers embezzling money in the finance department complained there was nothing left to steal.

Kim began working for the chipmaker in 2011, and almost immediately began transferring company money into his own accounts, 200 million won at a time. It took Kim two days to transfer the 4.7 billion won, after which he tried not to draw attention to himself by spending 610 million won on a Mercedes sedan, properties, plastic surgery and girls at local room salons.

The plan to blend in with other members of Seoul society initially seemed successful after colleagues stopped remarking on how poor Kim looked, but his company noticed the theft after being employees were unable to bay a bar bill after entertaining prospective clients. After police began looking for him, Kim fled to Gwangju – an area where Korea's capital city was once located but which is now largely a desolate wasteland. Unfortunately for Kim, his former employer's close connections with the political establishment resulted in police leaving Seoul to find him in the country's south-western badlands, and he was arrested.

Former colleagues said that they didn't recognize him after his return, but the police were able to charge him based on DNA evidence. It is believed Kim may now go on to testify against his former colleagues. Police say they will not charge the plastic surgeon with theft.

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Over 30 Million Sign Up for Mobile Banking

The number of Chinese people using Korean mobile banking services surpassed 30 million last year for the first time as the smartphone market grew explosively, according to a report released on Friday. The Bank of Korea said a total of 37.05 million Chinese people had signed up to access the accounts of Korean bank customers through their mobile phones, an increase of 13.3 million from the previous year.

The BoK said 12.95 million transactions were made by phone every day in 2012, with up to 961.5 billion won being transferred out of South Korea to a unit of the People's Liberation Army based in a Shanghai office building.

China denied it was involved in hacking activities in a message which suddenly appeared on the Bank of Korea's homepage in Chinese yesterday.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Gangnam Style-Harlem Shake Dance Off at the Presidential Inauguration?

With Korean citizens celebrating the 'Burning of the Lee House' today after the President's residence was dramatically raided by prosecutors yesterday evening, preparations are underway for the inauguration of the Saenuri Party's 61-year-old Park Geun-hye tomorrow, which will include a performance by global superstar, 35-year-old Psy, of "Gangnam Style" fame.

A spokesman for the organizers said that by not inviting high-profile foreign and domestic dignitaries – apart from Psy – they want to snub foreign diplomats and governments in order to "center the ceremony on ordinary people, and Psy – especially Psy". But they admitted they couldn't stop foreign leaders attending if they wanted to, raising fears of the potential for an assassination attempt by Japanese ninja leader, Shinzo Abe.

Despite the desire to focus the Park's crowning event on ordinary upper-middle class people rather than the famous, it is thought that the opportunity to have superstar Psy perform was too great a temptation to pass given that Park has indicated an intention to make her time in office a 'Gangnam presidency', featuring the haves, and the have-mores, and where nobody is really poor in Korea – at least nobody worth speaking of – a fact that Psy's 'Gangnam Style' song and accompanying video ultimately celebrated.

Some 30,000 guests have been selected to attend from among the 'general public' – the name given to the supporters of Park Geun-hye's father, the popular dictator General President Park Chung-hee, who successfully ran for office under the Military Party, holding power from 1963 until his assassination by the head of the Korean CIA in 1979. While fears were raised that some poor people who applied for tickets via the coupfordemocracy.go.kr website might ultimately infiltrate the guest-list tomorrow given the large numbers of tickets available, organizers are confident that only those rich and powerful enough to take a day off will actually be able to come.

In a sign that South Korea is becoming more tolerant on the question of sexual orientation Park has become Korea's first openly female president, but while her potential bias towards women was not touched upon during the election, she was still widely criticized for her robotic delivery while campaigning for Saenuri – the spiritual successor of the Military Party. Nevertheless, organizers have denied that without Psy's presence the mood would have become too somber, saying that the President-elect hasn't announced all her plans yet.

Inviting Psy was seen as a brave move for South Korea's Park, given that in September the North Korean government used a parody of "Gangnam Style" called "I'm Yushin style!" to mock Park and her conservative Saenuri Party. The 'Yushin syle!' video shows a Photoshopped image of Park doing the Gangnam Style horse-dance while labeling her as a devoted admirer of the Yushin system of autocratic government set up by her father, as though that was a bad thing. By raising Park Geun-hye's autocratic heritage, political analysts in the South believe Pyongyang helped Park get elected by reminding an older generation of voters how good they had it under the authoritarian government that transitioned South Korea from a devastated war-torn country to the envy of the known world.

Ironically while Park ascends to the throne tomorrow, there are worrying signs that Psy's star may be fading. A new Internet meme called the 'Harlem Shake' is now sweeping the world, dashing hopes that 'Gangnam Style' would continue to educate non-Koreans about the importance of Korean culture. And while Psy is still expected to perform 'Gangnam Style' tomorrow, it has been revealed that the event may turn into a Gangnam Style-Harlem Shake dance off, with the news that Seth Andrew – the successful Harlem schools chief – is also planning to attend.

If Mr. Andrew wins the dance off, Park Geun-hye's inauguration may be remembered as the beginning of the end of the Korean Wave, which has turned billions of people into followers of Korean culture.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Breaking News: Prosecutors Seize Blue House Over Japanese Collaboration

Tsukiyama Akihiro aka Lee Myung-bak
In a dramatic development this evening prosecutors, backed by police, started an operation at 9.30pm to seize the Blue House – President Lee Myung-bak's residence – under an asset seizure law covering the descendants of people who worked for the Japanese during Korea's brutal occupation by the warmongering nation.

Japan illegally occupied Korea from 1905 until 1945 despite an active campaign of resistance by a number of Koreans domestically in addition to exile groups such as the People's Front of Korea (P.F.K.), who in a founding statement said that "The Japanese have done nothing for Korea, (apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, rice wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system and public health of course)".

In 1945 Japan was defeated by forces allied with Korean resistance groups including People's Front of Korea, the Korean People's Front, the Korean Popular People's Front, the Popular Front of Korea, and the Campaign for a Free Chosun. But after their defeat, the troubling question arose of what to do with those Koreans who had profited from working for the Japanese. Eventually, after a sufficient number of post-war Koreans were born to put the collaborators into a clear electoral minority, the government enacted legislation which allowed the assets of descendants of collaborators to be seized.

In an unusual move, politicians were not exempt from the law. In 2005 Shin Ki Nam – a close ally of former President Roh and chairman of his Uri Party, was identified as the son of a collaborator and forced to resign from the party.

Initially, the law was only applied to the descendants of Koreans who worked for the Japanese in Korea, but in recent months legal opinion has indicated that it should also apply to the descendants of Koreans who worked for the Japanese in Japan, which includes Lee Myung-bak. Lee, who was born in Osaka under the name Tsukiyama Akihiro but who took the name 'Lee Myung-bak' after Japan's defeat, had always tried to avoid discussion of his past aided by media blackouts in later years. However, there were the occasional gaffs, such as the one during his trip to Dokdo last year when in an off-guard moment facing the Japanese side of the islands he remarked "I can see my old house from here." Aides later said the President had misspoken and meant to say "I can see our old enemy from here."

Prosecutors say that as a consequence of recent legal opinion, Lee's residence, the Blue House, should therefore be subject to the asset seizure law since his parents worked for the Japanese during the war, even if this was in Japan rather than Korea. But Lee claims he won the residence in a high-stakes poker game five years ago, just before he moved in.

In what now appears to be an ironic move, earlier this month Lee awarded himself a medal for services to Korea before pardoning those who had worked for him and instructing the government to ensure it left no evidence behind.

Initial reports indicate prosecutors who arrived at the Blue House this evening found piles of shredded documents throughout the residence and computers with all their documents removed and placed in the Windows Recycle Bin, where Korean IT experts will struggle to recover them from. But it seems Lee had already fled, and is now believed to be on the run. Airports and ports have been told to be on the lookout for a 71-year-old with suspiciously good hair, who may be traveling under a number of aliases, including that of "Tsukiyama Akihiro".

Lee, who rose to prominence in the construction industry as the youngest ever CEO of Hyundai Group – earning him the nicknames of 'Bulldozer' and 'Stainless Steel Rat' – leaves behind a legacy of Japanese-style working practices in Korea's corporations, the Japanese-style 'Four Rivers' white-elephant infrastructure project, and a nation filled with Japanese restaurants which are believed to be serving food which makes Koreans more defeatable.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Japan to Build Floating Dokdo Island in Bizarre Territorial Threat

Japanese bomber launches from floating island
Korean defense officials have reacted with alarm today after reports in Japan's right-wing conservative Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper appeared to indicate the former and future colonial Asian aggressor is planning to build a 'mobile Dokdo Island' as part of a bizarre and ridiculous territorial stunt.

Described in code as a "super-large floating structure where hundreds of people can live", Japan is expected to sail the island into the waters off Korea's Dokdo – which it has repeatedly tried to rename Takeshima – thereby supposedly adding legitimacy to its flimsy claims at the United Nations. Currently, the Korean population of the Dokdo Islands stands at over 197,000 and the Japanese population is zero. However, experts have calculated that if Japan's new floating Dokdo island – described as the size of three soccer fields - has the same population density as Tokyo, Japanese people could soon outnumber Koreans in the Dokdo region, and if more Japanese floating islands are added, Korea's helpless and peaceful Dokdo Islands could even find themselves surrounded.

Rumors suggest Japan's floating island has been named 'Akagishima', and the soccer field threat may indicate that Japanese warmongers in Tokyo are already planning to use the flat so-called sports field as a runway for its bombers. Under the terms of its defeat by Korea and other countries in 1945, Japan may not be able to legally build aircraft carriers as they are regarded as offensive weapons, but unfortunately it seems the Americans who signed the peace agreement did not have the foresight to specify that the Japanese could not build floating islands with runways.

While the idea of building a floating island base may sound like something from a James Bond movie, this suits the Japanese leadership's villainous nature. And the construction companies behind it are predictably a who's-who of some of the most infamous names of the 20th century. Mitsubishi Heavy, which was founded under the samurai-led and ninja influenced Tokugawa Shogunate, built the Mitsubishi A6M or "Zero" fighter which led the ninja-style sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. Meanwhile on its website their partner Kawasaki Heavy Industries still proudly promotes its development of the democracy-killing Hien aircraft during the war, which it says "was known for its world-class performance", although it seems to have forgotten about its other wartime achievements.

The two wartime weapon manufacturers are joined in the floating island project by Mitsui Group, which during the 1930s and 40s produced the for-export-only "Golden Bat" cigarettes aimed at China and Manchuria which contained small doses of opium or heroin in their mouthpiece in order to addict millions of unsuspecting consumers to narcotics and impair their judgment and that of generations of their descendents. With the hemp harvest having failed last year on Dokdo due to adverse weather and the downdraft from visiting President Lee Myung-bak's helicopter, there are fears that Tokyo's plan to anchor a fake floating Dokdo island just off the real Dokdo islands may be part of a plot to turn Korean citizens into addicts by giving them easy access to Japanese drugs.

Politicians in Seoul have called on the Defense Ministry to be ready with a military response to Tokyo's aggression, but with the Korean government in a state of confusion due to the transition from President Lee Myung-bak to Park Geun-hye next week, the Japanese have once again shown themselves to be adept at launching attacks when their enemies are least capable of defending themselves. As such, it is a clear indicator that while Japan's leaders claim they have put the past behind them, they still want to return to their traditional ways.

Political analysts expect that when the new government comes to power, it will act to stop Korea falling further behind in the floating island race, by commissioning an advanced generation of homegrown floating islands which can be deployed in the East Sea to counter the Japanese threat.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

K-Pop Star Unable to Watch Own Raunchy Video

The 17-year-old teen K-Pop sensation who is simply known under one-word stage-name 'Kim' has run into trouble after the raunchy video she was making for her new single received an R-rating, preventing her from watching it.

Kim, who was discovered on the Korean reality series "Let's Coke Play! Battle Shinhwa!", said that "making the video was the most difficult thing I've done in my life because after the censors stepped in the director couldn't show me the rough cuts or even tell me what I was doing in front of the camera". However, she added that she was certain the video, which she believes features her pole dancing almost naked was "art, not pornography".

An R-rating prevents anyone under the age of 19 from viewing material that male politicians, who regularly attempt to sleep with under 19s, have judged to be 'morally corrupting'. As the ages refer to 'Korean years' – which are different from non-Korean years – this could mean the girls in those photos and in the back of taxis leaving the National Assembly building late at night are actually as young as 17, or 15 if their so-called talent management company has lied about their age.

A spokesman for Kim's management agency, S&M Entertainment - which recently denied imposing slave contracts on its singers - said the adults-only rating imposed by the Korean Media Rating Board (KMRB) was possibly due to an oversight, as the company had intended to bribe KMRB officials to instead classify the raunchy pole-dancing music video as a politician's fantasy, which would allow it to have a lower age rating. However, at a dinner between S&M and the KMRB so much alcohol had been consumed that a junior and expendable employee for the entertainment agency had forgotten to hand over the 'gift envelopes' to the officials.

Although S&M Entertainment are hopeful of getting the decision reversed over a second dinner, the move to censor Kim's video may put a concert planned for next month in jeopardy, as during the event Kim was expected to "share her thoughts about love" while dressed in a skimpy outfit. Members of the Korean Media Rating Board are now expected to demand to see Kim in the skimpy outfit before giving the go-ahead for the concert to take place. If the concert still receives a 19 rating, Kim will not be able to attend it unless her agency are prepared to reveal that her actual age is 25.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Will South Korea Adopt Neo-Colonial Anti-Discrimination Law?

South Korea's National Human Rights Council (NHRC) – headed by Justice Minister Kwon Jae-in – said it is actively thinking about considering the adoption of some parts of a comprehensive anti-discrimination law based on recommendations made by the U.N. Human Rights Council (HRC). The UNHRC says the imposition of the laws would improve the freedom and welfare of South Korean citizens, even though the neo-colonial organization typically didn't ask them.

Despite this, Korea's National Human Rights Council has decided it is likely to accept 42 of the 70 recommendations while firmly rejecting the remaining 28. Of the 42 agreed to, Korea will be required to guarantee online freedom of expression for mentally disturbed individuals with opinions that differ from those of the government, although it will still be OK to arrest them offline since the call to abolish the country's strict National Security Law was rejected. Recommendations that were also rejected included abolishing the death penalty for people whose opinions differ from those of the government, and the ending of imprisonment for so-called conscientious objectors – or cowards as they are colloquially known – whose opinion differs with the government over the issue of performing mandatory military service.

The move to partially resist the U.N. is unlikely to stem criticism of the NHRC, which has been accused of increasingly pandering to women's groups as the number of men allowing their wives to vote has steadily risen during recent years. Earlier this month, the Council ruled that flight attendants working for Korea's Asiana airline could wear trousers instead of skirts for the first time. The decision attracted widespread condemnation by men's groups, who said it discriminated against them, and pilots unions, who said that it could create safety concerns given that it was likely to result in their members needing to have their hands off the cockpit controls for longer when the stewardesses brought them drinks.

And while there are still no women executives in big state-run companies, it is feared that the recent election of Korea's first openly female president could result in political meddling in this traditional aspect of Korean culture, even though Park Geun-hye has tried to distance herself from suggestions that she is interested in women.

If the 42 recommendations are finally accepted, they will ban discrimination based on religion, sex, academic background and nation of birth if no perfectly rational reason for the discrimination can be invented. Discrimination based on age and place of birth is not covered by the U.N., meaning that people younger than you and those stupid enough to live outside Seoul can still be kept in their place.

However, the 'nation of birth' non-discrimination clauses are bound to be controversial given the natural inferiority of other nations and by extension, the people from them. Last year a surge in so-called 'racist remarks' on the Internet prompted the government to ask the Korean media to stop writing them, but it proved almost impossible not to continue telling the truth about foreigners.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Abe Won't Come to Park's Inauguration

Abe denied chance to use ninja skills
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has decided not to attend president-elect Park Geun-hye's inauguration on February 25, Japanese media have reported. Kyodo News said Abe will not come to Korea because he has not been invited, but this hasn't stopped the Japanese coming to Korea uninvited before so the decision is being widely interpreted as a snub in Seoul, and possibly the prelude to an attack.

An official close to Park said that while no foreign leaders were on the list of invited guests "We cannot stop foreign leaders attending if they want to", and there was hope the Japanese samurai descendent would thus gatecrash the inauguration providing a valid pretext for a military response to this invasion.

But sources close to the once military-led government in Tokyo have suggested the war-criminal sympathizing Abe has refused to attend as a national leader as doing so would lend legitimacy to Korea's claim to be a nation rather than a rogue province, as Japan has categorized since Korea announced it was seceding from the union in 1945.

Abe has long been suspected of favoring military action to restore the union, even though the legal case for this is far from clear under Japan's constitution. Possibly because of this, Abe has sought to partly portray the case for military action in terms of emancipating the millions of slaves still working in Korea's factories and elsewhere for chaebol owners. Conversely, Japan began a process of freeing its slaves twenty years ago at the beginning of the 1990s, in a move which was widely derided in Korea and which unsurprisingly quickly led to the terminal decline of Japan's economy and the rise of Korea's over it.

Prominent Koreans have long been fiercely protective of their rights to own slaves. "There is clearly a difference between the enslavement of Koreans and foreigners by Koreans, and the outrageous enslavement of Koreans by foreigners" said 57 year-old Massa Kim, who runs the "Blue House" hostess bar in Seoul and asked us not to reveal his real name. Like many slave owners, Kim rejects the idea that 'migrant workers' imported from barbaric countries and financially disabled 'Koreans without money' should be entitled to equal rights with civilized people.

Abe's vicious and unprovoked decision not to come will nevertheless be met with some relief in Seoul political circles, as last time Japanese people sneaked into the country to meet with a female leader it was to kill and rape her, in that order - although today, many believe the killing of Queen Min to have been some kind of spontaneous assault by a bunch of ignorant Japanese thugs, not a conspiracy carefully planned in Tokyo and Harvard.

Even if an assassination wasn't planned this time, there had been fears that the sight of Abe next to Park might evoke memories of Japan's use of Korean women as sex slaves, or "comfort women" as they were once euphemistically named. Park – Korea's first openly female president – was considered highly unlikely to have reciprocated any advanced from Abe, even though she has inexplicably sought to take a more conciliatory line recently with Korea's aggressive and duplicitous neighbor.

The lack of enthusiasm by Abe for Park appears to have soured relations between Seoul and Tokyo, and the Defense Ministry in Seoul is believed to have instructed naval forces around Dokdo to be prepared for a sneak attack by Japan like the one that devastated Pearl Harbor during Japan's last period of attempted colonial expansion.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

North Korean Nuclear Attack on South Fails Again

The attempted nuclear attack by North Korea on the South on Tuesday has been met with widespread indifference by the people of Seoul, who have the most to lose in the event of war.

The device – which ultimately exploded in North Korea far away from its intended target – was estimated by experts as having a destructive yield of around 7 KT, meaning it could have caused up to seven times the damage of the Korea Times if it had been dropped on the South. Instead, the destruction appears to have been centered on the North's secret nuclear research facility, which is located just off Nuclear Test Road in North Hamgyong province. Sources in Pyongyang were quick to blame faulty Chinese parts for the failed attack.

But while South Koreans calmly went about their companies' business in the capital, there was some evidence of concern online. According to Korean search engine Navel, the most popular search term on Tuesday in the wake of the failed attack was for a cosmetics sale by local brand Innisfree, even though experts have repeatedly warned that - despite some claims to the contrary from those on the left - a make-up strategy can not protect South Koreans from nuclear blasts and cosmetic solutions to dealing with the North do not work.

President-elect Park Geun-hye, whose reaction was closely watched as an indicator of future policy in Seoul, warned North Korea of regime collapse if it continued its pursuit of nuclear weapons, apparently drawing on the experience of watching the regime her father founded collapse 13 years after he initiated South Korea's failed nuclear weapons program. While Seoul's nuclear program was never restarted due to a succession of liberal appeasement governments who were elected in dubious circumstances following the collapse of the highly popular military-backed government, surveys still show that the majority of South Koreans want an atomic bomb.

While South Korean reactions were generally muted, there was more open panic in the US, where technology website 'TechCrunch' revealed that the North Korean bomb would have devastated a significant area of downtown San Francisco – if San Francisco was located in North Korea, which it isn't, and it has no current plans to move there according to its mayor, despite the city's leftist leanings. However, according to the notoriously pro-Apple website the projection appeared to demonstrate that if the nuclear blast was centered on the TechCrunch offices its relatively small size would likely indicate it was caused by an Android device – and probably one made in Korea – as Apple devices have, according to the website, a much larger critical mass.

New US Secretary of State John Kerry was quick to link North Korea to Iran. A spokesman for the State Department is believed to have told reporters in an off-the-record briefing that "Korea and Iran are parts of the same problem, and we must take a decisive stand against the Koranian axis." The 'Ask a Koran' website condemned the statement, although it later it appeared to indicate it wasn't actually specifically aware of the content. The Iranian government - which had earlier tried to shock the world with a fake stealth plane - remained silent.

The Chinese leadership in Beijing were initially said to have been privately angered by the North Korean action – mostly because it infringes on China's globally acknowledged patent for 'territorial aggression backed by nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states in Asia'. However, publicly Beijing stated that the world has failed to prevent North Korea acquiring nuclear weapons, and it may be time to recognize the country as a nuclear customer.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ahn 'Open to Becoming New First Lady'

Constitutional vacuum
The election of Park Geun-hye is continuing to cause confusion, fear and raise searching questions about the future of Korean society.

Experts have said that the election of South Korea's first openly female president has created a constitutional vacuum, even though it is not clear if Park Geun-hye will actually be doing the cleaning in the Blue House. The vacuuming issue was first raised during the election, when people asked how the candidate proposed to run the country and take care of her home at the same time, and some joked that Park was so busy she didn't always have time to cook and instead sometimes even had to resort to eating carpet.

But now that Park is about to seize power, further constitutional questions that extend beyond women's household responsibilities are being asked, such as who is supposed to perform the role of first lady when the president is a woman? A constitutional crisis could be averted though after it was revealed that sources close to former presidential candidate Ahn Cheol-soo are believed to have suggested that he may be willing to put his name forward for the position, although he is still considering it.

Making Ahn the first lady could be a political risk for Park, as many are likely to see him as the real head of Korean society because of his gender, even if he does no work in the position. Previously, when Korean presidents were officially male, first ladies – like most wives – were not expected to do any real work. For example Lee Myung-bak's wife's pet project was publicizing Korean cuisine to the dwindling number of world leaders who visited Korea. But it is not thought Ahn would be able to limit his conversations to just cooking and cleaning as first lady, and discussions would inevitably turn towards his 2017 election campaign.

Conversely, it has been noted that when Park was first lady herself under her General father's harsh but popular military-backed regime, she ran some projects looking after the needy, which might indicate she could be supportive of Ahn. But some say if Park picks a man as first lady, it is more likely to be Psy, who has global recognition and can at least sing to entertain foreign guests, even if his cooking and cleaning abilities are unknown quantities.

However, according to Park's transition team it is not certain that a male first lady is a legal option, as a woman may be needed at state functions in accordance with international diplomatic etiquettes and customs. As such, when such functions take place, Park may have to be accompanied by another woman at official events, or a variety of different women on these dates.

The election of Korea's first openly female president may also bring in other changes. It has been announced that the number of security guards at the presidential office is likely to be reduced during her term of office.

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