Monday, February 18, 2013

K-Pop Star Unable to Watch Own Raunchy Video

The 17-year-old teen K-Pop sensation who is simply known under one-word stage-name 'Kim' has run into trouble after the raunchy video she was making for her new single received an R-rating, preventing her from watching it.

Kim, who was discovered on the Korean reality series "Let's Coke Play! Battle Shinhwa!", said that "making the video was the most difficult thing I've done in my life because after the censors stepped in the director couldn't show me the rough cuts or even tell me what I was doing in front of the camera". However, she added that she was certain the video, which she believes features her pole dancing almost naked was "art, not pornography".

An R-rating prevents anyone under the age of 19 from viewing material that male politicians, who regularly attempt to sleep with under 19s, have judged to be 'morally corrupting'. As the ages refer to 'Korean years' – which are different from non-Korean years – this could mean the girls in those photos and in the back of taxis leaving the National Assembly building late at night are actually as young as 17, or 15 if their so-called talent management company has lied about their age.

A spokesman for Kim's management agency, S&M Entertainment - which recently denied imposing slave contracts on its singers - said the adults-only rating imposed by the Korean Media Rating Board (KMRB) was possibly due to an oversight, as the company had intended to bribe KMRB officials to instead classify the raunchy pole-dancing music video as a politician's fantasy, which would allow it to have a lower age rating. However, at a dinner between S&M and the KMRB so much alcohol had been consumed that a junior and expendable employee for the entertainment agency had forgotten to hand over the 'gift envelopes' to the officials.

Although S&M Entertainment are hopeful of getting the decision reversed over a second dinner, the move to censor Kim's video may put a concert planned for next month in jeopardy, as during the event Kim was expected to "share her thoughts about love" while dressed in a skimpy outfit. Members of the Korean Media Rating Board are now expected to demand to see Kim in the skimpy outfit before giving the go-ahead for the concert to take place. If the concert still receives a 19 rating, Kim will not be able to attend it unless her agency are prepared to reveal that her actual age is 25.

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