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Welcome to the new English-language version of The Dokdo Times. Founded in 1509, we are Dokdo’s oldest independent Korean-language newspaper. It is hoped that by translating our stories we will be able to properly inform foreigners about Korea's 5000 year-old civilization. Please understand our unique culture.

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This site is brought to you today by the number 23 and the letter Fnord


  1. It would be so much better if you would not be anonymous. I therefore have trouble publishing links to it. As funny as infuriating, it's clever stuff. A verbal comic strip.

  2. love dokdo times! hilarious! :D

  3. I hope you continue to write! This is my favorite blog now and I can't wait to get more of the REAL Dokdo news (and not those Japanese lies)!

  4. I thought this was satire! It's brilliant! Love the "Rats causing Technomart Earthquake!" Love a good giggle.

  5. Great site! BTW - the non-nationalistic, completely sane, and in no way biased, narrow-minded or nutty TRUTH spreading continues at this year's Edinburgh festival -haha:



  6. great job! thanks for doing this! it brightens up my days here in korea.

  7. This is the first time I've visited the site and I freaked out at first, but the hints kept on coming and I realized, indeed, this shit is satire. Well played Dokdo Times. Well played

  8. Whenever I get a moment between my Craigslist rants (you know: telling foreigners to get out and to please stop spreading disease in Korea, &c...), I always find time to read the Dokdo Times. It is my preferred news source.

    Kindest Regards, Korean-American 'Financier'.

  9. The writing of this paper is so well crafted that I can visualize the no-nonsense reporter perfectly. It's subtle, believable, and always brilliant.

  10. As I attempt to read (without cringing) the other English rags in Korea, I am surprised at the amount of material I see for you to work with! From school safety and nuclear reactor malfunctions because of Korean-made parts, to Costco brazenly ignoring the rule of law, there is so much to cover. You should have some of your numerous staff look into these issues. It would be wise to contact Psy first, though.