Friday, November 9, 2012

Foreigners Who Have AIDS Should Get Tested Urges KFAP

It is a well-known fact that many foreigners in Korea have AIDS due to their lack of pure blood and morality, but now the Korean Federation for AIDS Prevention (KFAP) has launched a major campaign aimed at convincing foreigners to stop spreading this foreign disease.

KFAP have launched a new website under the the KHAP (Korea Federation for HIV/AIDS Prevention) banner at, which seeks to prevent HIV/AIDS by advertising free HIV testing services for foreigners while providing information in a variety of languages – though not Korean of course as Koreans don’t get AIDS unless they mix with foreigners.

The group's '2012 HIV Relief Campaign' which is available at also promotes accurate information on AIDS and the importance of early diagnosis and periodic treatment for foreigners, usually in their own countries after they are deported for failing their compulsory employment-related medicals.

Brochures in a total of six foreign languages are available on the KFAP site, representing the languages of all of the usual AIDS suspects – English, Chinese, Mongolians, Vietnamese, Thai, Pilipinos and Indonesians. KFAP has also opened two offices, one in the increasingly multicultural city of Seoul, and the other in Ansan near the U.S. Camp Humphreys military base, where American soldiers are trained to spread AIDS in Korea and kill Korean children. Ansan is also the temporary home of many Chinese migrant workers, who some have linked to the mysterious disappearance of over 100 local women.

A source close to KFAP said that the group wants to help foreigners overcome the negative stereotype that they all have AIDS by proving that they don't, once a day. Currently foreign English teachers, many of whom have been said to be rapists and pedophiles in their own countries, are required to submit to AIDS testing once a year, but there is evidence that many of them are having sex more than this. The number of rapes in Korea is believed to be rising rapidly, though many go unreported.

KFAP is trying to address the problem of promiscuous foreigners with its 'one free condom' drive, which encourages them to only have sex once between AIDS tests, and it is understood that the ‘HIV Relief Campaign’ will try to extend a successful initiative from last year to foreigners, in which Koreans were advised to masturbate to prevent AIDS.

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