Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Shocking Reality About Relationships With Foreigners

MBC, the Korean Culture Broadcasting Corporation, has broadcast a program revealing the shocking reality for unfortunate Korean women who have relationships with foreigners under the title "The Shocking Reality About Relationships With Foreigners".

The program focuses on a number of women who have had bad experiences with these shocking foreigners. In one interview, one woman who was conned into sleeping with a foreigner says she became pregnant, contracted HIV and even had to start drinking at unbranded coffee shops.

There is no doubt that the morals of foreigners living in Korea has become a social issue. In one area of Seoul mixed couples can be found walking all over the streets with daring intimacy. There are so many it can even be hard to get through them quickly to the nearby Korean massage parlors and hostess bars. But are these couples' relationships based upon trust or just curiosity? What makes Korean women open their 'mind' so easily to foreign men, and when did these Korean women develop minds to begin with anyway, despite the best efforts of Korean society?

According to MBC, some Korean women are trying to date with foreign men frequently to use them to learn English, but it is believed that foreign men are not trying to use Korean women to learn English, but instead have another, perhaps manipulative motive. Foreign men also make bad comments about these women and then other innocent Korean women suffer a lot from that. Statistics from the Ministry of Health showed that last week alone over 200 women who aren't dating foreigners were admitted to hospital with bruising and facial lacerations all because of the hurtful bad comments these foreigners made.

In a bar that is popular with Korean women, program makers witnessed many mixed couples being physically affectionate, making onlookers uncomfortable with their 'skinship'. The scenes were said to resemble the kind of compromising physical intimacy in films the program makers regularly watch alone at night. Outside the bar, a Korean woman is shown trying to catch a cab, but a foreign man approaches and they start talking. The police quickly arrive after the program makers phone them, but they say they are powerless to intervene because of Korea's extremely liberal laws regarding the existence of foreigners. The foreign man then uses a Jedi mind-trick on the woman, and soon they are in a romantic mood together like an old couple. When he has finished with her, he will wipe her small mind and she will return to the bar again tomorrow, to unwittingly repeat the experience with another foreigner.

It can be dangerous. Apparently one woman who slept with a foreigner later went to a hospital, and don't be shocked - there was something wrong with her blood. Somehow, after mixing with the foreigner, she was no-longer pure-blooded.

But as the program highlights, the problem is that there is no place for these so-called 'kisaeng' women who are victims of foreigners to appeal to, except MBC. In an attempt to reach out to victims of foreigners, a member of the program's production team tried to contact one of them, telling the woman "We called because we heard you were the victim of a foreigner." But suffering from the shame of whoring her body out to be defiled by these non-pure blooded foreign criminals, she refused to talk about her experiences, saying that she didn't know what MBC were talking about, before even going on to lie that MBC's allegations weren't true. "Most of the victims avoid telling the truth" observed the program sadly.

The foreigners who were dating Korean female victims disappeared without a trace directly after their dating ended, so Korean female victims have to deal with all of the damages and remaining loss. Where did they go? Why are foreigners coming to Korea, and then disappearing afterward? Why do these mysterious disappearances always seem to coincide with the academic year? Only the foreigners know the answers, but they aren't talking. At least, not in Korean.

"The foreign population in Korea will be increasing now and forever" warned one expert on the program, "I think we should think critically about foreigners and keep thinking about this problem. Korean society should consider this problem too."

There is widespread agreement in Korean that it is time we learned to form proper and wholesome relationships with the opposite sex. Sex, and marriage, is meant to be between a Korean and a Korean – not a Korean and a foreigner, which is clearly unnatural.

Despite MBC's selfless act of public service in warning Korean women about the shocking reality of relationships with foreigners, the exploitative foreigners - fearful of losing their supply of vulnerable Korean women - have hit back, incredibly calling the program 'racist', as if pointing out the fact that these dubious foreigners in Korea came here to to sexually exploit and rape women is somehow wrong just because of the color of their non-pure skin and their non-pure blood beneath it.

In a Facebook group that alarmingly gained over 500 members in less than four hours, they are now asking how they can launch action against the program makers. But these questionable foreigners appear to be unwittingly helping promote Korean culture. Thanks to them, the Korean Culture Broadcasting Corporation's program has gone viral on the Internet, helping to spread the Korean Wave and warn people around the world about the shocking reality of foreigners. Despite the service they have done for Korean culture, MBC modestly announced that the documentary was outsourced, not produced in-house. "We only broadcast it, it's nothing to do with us." said a spokesman.

It is clear to any sensible person in Korea though that the program makers are not racist, they are merely pointing out the inferior morality of foreigners and their dubious criminal nature, which they are keen to stress they understand is genetic and not necessarily the fault of these foreign criminals. MBC also points out that while "The Shocking Reality About Relationships With Foreigners" was quite hard-hitting, next week's program promises to be much lighter and entertaining, as it will feature foreigners being dunked into the Han River to see whether they sink or whether they are witches.

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