Sunday, May 20, 2012

Native English Teachers Threaten to Turn Sun Dark Over Pay

In a long-running dispute over pay and conditions, foreign English teachers who claim to be working in Korea say they will demonstrate their power by turning the sun dark tomorrow unless Korean hagwon owners give in to their demands for wages in line with their status as education gods.

AKET - the Association in Korea for English Teachers - issued a written statement warning of the impending heavenly upheaval - "if korean cheefs no make pay go high-er english teacher make son go dark ooo lol".

The teachers say the eclipse is timed to occur at "around 7.30am" before they arrive for their morning classes, which begin at 7am. An AKET spokesman said he believes the timing "will make hak-wan owners most likely to accept we like deserve better money and stuff".

But the teachers' threat looks unlikely to strike fear into the hearts of hagwon owners, as the Korea Meteorological Administration have forecast a partial solar eclipse peaking at 7.31am tomorrow morning. Despite the KMA forecasting it, the eclipse is still expected to go ahead.

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