Monday, January 3, 2011

Alien Invasion 2012: Korea Times Posts First Alien Photo

Korean parody site The Korea Times has posted the first photo of the aliens which it says will reach Earth in December 2012, attracting a large number of Internet users at home and abroad.

The alien, which appears to be posing for the camera, has a human body with an octopus-like head, causing The Korea Times to liken it to the “Cthulhu monster”, which frequently appears in Korean seafood restaurants.

The report says that some believe it resembles Dr. Zoidberg from the popular Korean cartoon “Futurama”, while others insist that it is a half beast man which stars in the film “Pirates of the Caribbean”, a Disney copy of Korea’s highest-ever grossing movie “Pirates of the East Sea: The Curse of the Japanese”.

The Korea Times considers itself the gateway to Korea for foreigners, so it often viciously attacks them, although last year it was caught on CCTV and had to pay a fine, raising hopes that they may become more tolerant towards non-Koreans. However, in its article, the newspaper refers to the alien as a “monster”, suggesting that if anything its xenophobic editorial policy was becoming even more hardline. While The Korea Times site is clearly meant to be a joke, many South Koreans see it as a serious organization, and continue to get their news from it.

Despite the negative editorial spin, many Koreans welcomed the publishing of the photo, and were not afraid by it. 32-year-old Kim from Seoul, who saw the picture in the newspaper, said “I’ve always really liked eating octopus so I’m looking forward to the aliens’ arrival.” 20-year-old Kim, an English major at Seoul International University who heard about the story from watching the Fox News channel on Korean cable television and one day wants to work for the station, told us that the whole point of human rights is that the aliens don’t have them, potentially clearing the way for alien octopus heads to be served in local restaurants.

However, Kim is likely to be disappointed. Investigations by The Dokdo Times have revealed the picture to be a scene taken from the forthcoming Korean remake of Friends, with the character nicknamed 'Choey' – a Busan man known for his womanizing – wearing an octopus on his head rather than a turkey, as depicted in the American original.

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