Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Left-Wing Journalists Say Hankyoreh Most Trusted Media Source

A survey of left-wing journalists by the left-wing Journalists’ Association of Korea has revealed that they believe the left-wing Hankyoreh newspaper to be the most trusted media source in Korea. The President of the Journalists’ Association of Korea, who is also a Hankyoreh journalist, welcomed the results of the survey - “This is clearly a fair and balanced survey revealing my employer to be the most fair and balanced newspaper in Korea.”

The results seem to conflict with last month’s survey conducted by the Korea Times Journalists’ Association, which found The Korea Times to be the most trusted media source.

However, the Hankyoreh has already poured scorn on the earlier survey, stating that experts have doubted its results because the type of ink used by some survey respondents could also have been used by non-journalists. The newspaper also highlighted inconsistencies in the first survey, in which some respondents had called The Korea Times “extremely trustworthy”, while others had selected “very trustworthy”. The Hankyoreh said that the original survey should be re-investigated by independent Chinese and Russian experts.

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