Sunday, January 30, 2011

20th Century Map Proves Dokdo is Korean Territory

A recently discovered historical map in the National Archives, which is believed to date back to 1998, appears to prove that the 20th Century Young-Sam Era Korean Government regarded Dokdo to be Korean Territory.

Under microscopic analysis the map has been proved to use a brand of printer ink which was popular at the time, and experts say the lower concentrations of pollution particles captured in the ink are consistent with China’s level of industrial development in those days, and the consequent toxicity levels of the Korean atmosphere.

At that time in history, it was common for Dokdo to be drawn to scale on Korean maps, meaning that the islands and label above them is extremely small. However, 55-year-old Professor Kim of Dokdo International University’s Faculty of Accurate Dokdo History, says there is no mistaking the name ‘Dokdo Korea’ above the dots. These days, Dokdo’s size appears much bigger on maps for navigation and weather forecasts so that Koreans can see them properly.

Japanese experts however, who have seen the 20th Century map, say that the mark on the paper in the location of Dokdo is ‘a smudge’. They also claim to have an earlier map dating back to 1995, though due to its fragility it has to be kept in a secure darkened environment in the basement of Tokyo Museum.

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