Friday, November 23, 2012

Mixed Race Children with Speech Deficiencies to Plague Korea

South Korea is facing a tsunami of bad blood with the number of children born to multicultural families rising fast amid the country's chronically low birthrate. Statistics Korea on Wednesday said these bloody foreigners accounted for 4.7 percent of all newborns in the country – a shocking one in 20 – up a massive 0.4 percentage points from a year earlier.

The out of control rise brings concerns since social conditions tend to be unfavorable to multicultural children – especially at school because of the bullying – and yet they insensitively still insist on being born.

According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, 18.6 percent of two-year-olds with multicultural non-pure-blooded backgrounds develop language skills more than six months later than their counterparts who parents are rightly both Korean. The figure soars to an unbelievable 67.2 percent among six-year-olds, with 18 percent of them suffering a full-blown speech deficiency. But the Ministry doesn't have an answer as to what to do about these speech defects among these defective multicultural children.

"The number of multicultural families will continue to grow," warned 56-year-old Professor Kim of Seoul International University. "Unless the situation improves, it will highly likely cause conflict in society."

Experts at the Korean Association for Terrorism Studies have previously warned that the children of multicultural marriages are potential terrorists who are going to bomb innocent peace-loving Koreans into submission in an attempt to turn Korea into a multicultural state with so-called 'multicultural law', and because foreigners spread AIDS the increasing number of multicultural children living in Korea is likely to start posing a serious health risk to the law-abiding majority of the population.

Typically, liberals who spend their time unproductively trying to help conflict-causing multicultural families said that the terrorist-rearing parents of children with speech deficiencies need more understanding from society and academics rather than scaremongering and innuendo, but this has been widely dismissed as clearly what is needed are ways of identifying multicultural children with speech defects so they can be placed in the mental health system. Meanwhile, citizens are being warned to be on the lookout for multicultural families.

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