Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Korean Government Symbol is Whale Chasing Its Own Tail

The government has unveiled a new unified symbol which it is hoped will establish a permanent brand image in the minds of its subjects, while reducing the cost of keeping cartoonists on regular retainers to change the logos of 51 government agencies every two years.

The new logo depicts a blue whale in an ever-decreasing circle trying to chase its tail, which appears to be bleeding from the effort. There is general consensus among everyone connected with the government that the image of the struggling 170 tonne animal it is deeply symbolic of their daily experiences. The Japanese also hunted the blue whale to near extinction in the early part of the last century, just like the Korean people, making it an appropriate symbol to unify the country.

Reacting to the new logo, people on the streets of Seoul who we would have interviewed today if the air quality was better appeared to agree, "It looks like a whale swimming in a circle", said a 24-year-old bank worker named Kim.

The Defense Ministry and National Police Agency have opted out of the blue whale logo, and will retain their old symbols, as it is felt that if they are associated with confusion and inaction any further it may only embolden South Korea's enemies.

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