Saturday, April 2, 2016

Dokdo Land Prices Rise by 494 Percent Since 2011

Chinese passenger ferry
With Dokdo's population rapidly approaching 319,557, land prices in Dokdo City and surrounding areas are soaring.

One Dokdo plot of land which was priced at W165,000 per square meter in 2011 has risen to W980,000 this year - a rise of 494 percent. Despite the rise and the plot's proximity to Dokdo International Airport, developers are still hoping to purchase it, although the owner - whose family name is Kimura - says he still does not wish to sell.

There were fears during the last two years that land prices on Dokdo were part of a speculative bubble fueled by offshore resource exploration, which would collapse alongside the collapsing oil price. But while the price of Dokdo Oil & Gas (DOG.DO ▾ 7.6%) has halved on the Dokdo Stock Exchange since August 2014, a massive rise in the number of Chinese tourists has helped keep the local economy booming.

Chinese people are also contributing more directly to spiraling land prices, with a number of Chinese citizens purchasing significant parts of the less-developed island of West Dokdo, which lies closer to China. Land prices on West Dokdo may receive a significant boost later this year if Seoul agrees to the request by the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) to start a direct passenger ferry service from Qingdao.

Meanwhile East Dokdo is benefiting from significant defense spending as the island lies closer to Japan and an attack by the rogue pacifist nation has been feared to be imminent for the last several years. Speculative interest in Dokdo plots is expected to continue.

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