Thursday, August 18, 2011

Will Daejeon UFOs Raise or Lower Property Prices?

Experts are divided on whether the recent Daejeon UFO sightings will raise or lower local property prices. Some realtors have argued that the potential alien visitation enhances the prestige of local apartment blocks, since after traveling potentially vast distances over interstellar space, extraterrestrials wouldn't just visit any neighborhood. But some UFO experts have said that if the aliens start abducting people, it may cause local properties to be seen as more dangerous, although several construction companies have been quick to say that their apartment blocks are UFO proof, and prospective purchasers and residents should not be alarmed by lights in the sky or strange creaking noises in their homes.

There is actually little evidence that aliens have ever abducted Koreans, as their studies of primitive life have mainly centered around Americans. As Koreans are generally regarded as more advanced life forms, it is widely suspected that the extraterrestrial visitors have little interest in people from this country. This raises the question of why they were flying their spaceships above Daejeon, but one explanation is that they were heading for a nearby U.S. military base.

Earlier this year, a woman from Busan called police when she returned home to discover her husband doing the washing, claiming he must have been replaced by aliens. However, the suspected alien body snatcher was let go when he ate a bowl of kimchi in front of officers. Kimchi is well known for its ability to ward off aliens, although in recent years disturbing evidence has emerged that illegal aliens may be able to tolerate the dish. In his defense, the man said he often did household chores while his wife was out, and while the officers found this explanation unconvincing, they concluded there were no legal grounds on which to detain him.

Any hopes that the UFO sightings may raise property prices in Daejeon seem to be ill-founded. This morning, several hours after the visitation, local real estate agents reported no immediate increase in property interest or asking prices. But Korean Christian groups are said to be flocking to the area, in the belief that being abducted will give them a chance to convert the aliens. If they decide to stay and reside in the area, experts say it may eventually lead to some upward pressure on prices. The government has reminded the groups though that after several incidents in Afghanistan last year, it maintains its policy of not paying for the overseas or interplanetary rescues of abductees.

Local property prices in Daejeon had been subdued since the South Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (SKAERI), which is based in the city, suffered a radiation leak in February this year. After the latest incident, institute officials immediately denied that any experiments or leaks being conducted at the facility would cause atmospheric disturbances or lead to anything resembling an alien abduction.

Unfortunately, the growth in personnel at the SKAERI facility in itself has not been positive for local apartment prices, with most scientists choosing to commute to the atomic energy research facility from Seoul rather than live locally.

Last year, The Korea Times reported that three giant alien spaceships - up to 240 kilometers in diameter - had been spotted in the outer solar system heading for Earth, and The Chosun Ilbo also claimed that researchers had found they intended to attack. It is speculated that the Daejeon UFOs could be advanced scouts for next year's planned invasion.

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