Sunday, August 7, 2011

Global Financial Crisis Could Damage Dokdo's Main Export of Fear

Dokdo's political leaders are locked in crisis talks today over fears that the second phase of the Global Financial Crisis, or der globalen Finanzkrise as it is called in Germany where it was planned, will severely damage Dokdo's main export of fear.

While Dokdo has manufactured fear for over sixty years, exports began to rise significantly after the ending of the Cold War, as the production of fear declined globally. Increasing consumption of Dokdo fear - particularly on the Korean mainland - has led to a vibrant economy and burgeoning population for the islands. However, the global export market suffered a setback ten years ago with the development of terror, which many described as stronger and more addictive than fear.

In recent months exports of fear from Dokdo have risen sharply again, but now it is feared that as der globalen Finanzkrise sweeps the world, it will inevitably lessen the consumption of Dokdo-produced fear, even within Korea. If Dokdo does manage to maintain some exports of fear, it is likely to be in the context of a much more competitive market, with lower prices.

"Many Koreans are going to stop consuming imports of Dokdo fear when they don't have the money to buy food, which is a more immediate and locally-produced fear." said 48 year-old Professor Kim from Dokdo International University. Mainland Koreans - or 'liberals' as they are known on Dokdo - have been buying gold in large quantities this year, but it is not thought to be edible.