Monday, August 8, 2011

Korea May Have Existed 'Before Universe Began' - Scientist

Koreans can trace their history back more than 5,000 years, but new research by a Korean scientist suggests that the Korean civilization may date back much further - in fact to before the Universe began.

The revelation relies on what is called 'Limited Expansion Theory', which postulates that as the Universe expands it gradually slows under its own gravity and begins to contract, eventually ending in the opposite of the 'Big Bang', a so-called 'Big Crunch'. While the principle has been well understood within the scientific community for a number of years, Professor Kim's research suggests that because of the nature of the subsequent infinitely dense singularity, a subsequent second 'Big Bang' is inevitable, which - coupled with the nature of the universe as a closed system with no external variables, would result the second Universe's history unfolding in exactly the same way as the first.

"It's like pi," he explained invoking math - a little understood field in the West - "it starts off with something simple and ends in infinite complexity, but the beginning is the same and so everything which comes after will be the same. Which means that because Korea exists now, it will exist again and in fact, it may have existed before if our current Universe if it isn't the first one. And it would be arrogant to assume ours was the first." said the professor, perhaps again.

It is not known whether the possibility that the Korean civilization may be at least 30 billion years old will alter the international community's continued irrational refusal to accept that Dokdo really is Korean territory.

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