Monday, July 16, 2012

A Problem Women Predictably Can't Solve

A question titled "A problem women are unable to solve" has recently become the topic of conversation in the Internet community, even though there are obviously many problems women can't solve.

The question read "A man's affection for his girlfriend has faded. She told him she wanted to break up with him. As soon as she split up with him, she deleted his phone number from her list. However, her phone number remained intact in the man's list. Why?"

Had the man's affection for his girlfriend really faded after all? And if it hadn't, why had he stopped threatening her with violence? Women, who can barely think for themselves at the best of times, predictably couldn't solve the problem.

The correct answer to this question was that the man just couldn't be bothered to remove the woman's phone number, because it was too much effort. When he gets another girlfriend, he might ask her to delete it, or perhaps he'll ask his mother while she's doing his washing and cooking his food.

A second question was also posted: "A man and a woman went on a picnic some time after they began dating. The woman brought with her 'yubu chobap', or seasoned rice wrapped in a fried tofu bag, for him. The man told her he didn't like it, but ate some of it anyway. After the picnic, the man told her that he wished to break up with her. Why?"

Was it because he really hated 'yubu chobap' and feared a lifetime of eating it unless he learned to make food for himself, which would be unthinkable? No, the right answer was "because she was not pretty", according to reports.

But then, if she was not pretty people asked, why did the man date her in the first place and go out for the infamous 'yobu chobap' meal after this, before breaking up with her? Was it for the chance of 'picnic sex'? No, the answer of course, was that he was a journalist with The Korea Times.

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