Sunday, July 15, 2012

Drunk, Violent, Sexually Immoral Foreigners Get Own Reality Show

'Drunkeness', 'violence', 'sexual immorality' – just some of the terms people often associate with foreigners and which regularly appear in the media when foreigners are discussed. Now, only weeks after MBC aired "The Shocking Reality About Relationships With Foreigners", drunk, violent, sexually immoral foreigners have been given their own reality show featuring their outrageous behavior.

The show, 'K-Town', has already premiered on the Internet and as the series progresses viewers are promised that there will be extensive drinking, fighting, swearing, shirtless men, and almost naked women in their underwear. There will be women with tattoos, simulated sex acts, exotic dancers, and women French kissing other women.

Typically, the foreigners show no real interest in the Korean education system, and mainly talk about sex. Openly discussing her sexual selection criteria, one foreign woman told the show "If it fits in my mouth, then it's too small."

In future episodes the show will also feature single moms who are "just getting started" when other foreigners are leaving the clubs at 2am, and attempts will be made to break the record for the most use of the F-word in a minute. The foreigners will even speak a very small amount of Korean and make bad jokes about Korean names.

It has likened to 'Jersey Shore' and described as the most anticipated reality show of all time, featuring drunk, violent, sexually immoral foreigners living in K-Town – or 'Koreatown' - on the West Coast of America, which once again highlights the problems of foreigners living in Korean areas.

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