Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hanbok Sex Show Held on Dokdo Despite Protests

A hanbok fashion show finally took place on Dokdo yesterday despite protests from Dokdo citizens, who described the semi-revealing nature of mainland-Korea's traditional dress as promoting a corruption of morals, the portrayal of women as whores leading to the temptation of men, and the great islands of Dokdo as nothing more than an offshore sex tourism destination.

The pornographic show was held with little notice, and in a further insult to local residents, who many regard as the country's only true Koreans, the liberal show featuring near-naked women - organized by the notoriously homosexually-inclined fashion industry – was held on Dokdo Day, which has traditionally commemorated Korea's factual 1900 declaration of jurisdiction over the islands every year since 2010.

The show was originally planned for earlier this year but the event was canceled after violent opposition from Dokdo residents, with the organizers try to blame the cancellation on "the weather", which always occurs in Korea. However, they secretly pressed ahead with their plans to parade hanbok on the rocks as a method of proving that Dokdo is Korean territory since, in the words of Mark Twain - the Korean writer who eventually became a naturalized American - "clothes make the man, and also definitively prove territorial ownership of disputed islands".

But in their rush to ensure the hanbok reached Dokdo before the kimono, it appears the organizers forgot that when Twain-Kim wrote "clothes make the man", he also added that "naked people have little or no influence on society", rendering the parading of naked women over the islands of Dokdo a completely pointless exercise in sexual exploitation. Despite this, several news sites carried photos and videos of the so-called 'fashion show', although they are not visible on Dokdo due to the island's Internet porn filters, anti-pornography and anti-phonography laws.

Despite the provocative move on the part of the less pure-blooded and largely closeted liberal mainlanders, it is inconceivable that the revealing hanbok will ever become a serious rival to Dokdo's traditional dress - the dokbok - which is styled like the hanbok, but is more extensive, covering the neck and all of the head of the wearer.

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