Thursday, October 27, 2011

Korea Begins Official Exports of Counterfeit Goods

Korea has always been known as a producer of high quality counterfeit goods, with tourists flocking to the country from around Asia to enjoy its fake products and warmhearted hospitality.

From fake designer bags, to fake gasoline, fake breasts, and counterfeit missile launchers, the range of items available to buy and take home is extensive, but now the government is preparing to promote Korea's fake culture as the next step in the Korean Wave - known as Hallyu - which is sweeping the world of weaker cultures, with a decision by the Korea Customs Service (KCS) to begin exports of Korean counterfeits to Bangladesh.

Officially, the initiative is being described as a way to spread a sharing culture and strengthen ties with the inferior Asian country, but privately government officials say they hope that it will promote the quality of Korean fakes in Bangladesh, eventually leading to more tourism from the region. The fake eyeglass frames, watches and clothes will be carefully distributed to young upwardly-mobile students, not Bangladeshis living in poverty who will never be able to afford to visit Korea.

Demonstrating a new-era of Korean-Bangladeshi bilateral relations, cultural exchange and understanding, hundreds of child laborers at Korean schools painted the Korean national flag on fake Levi jeans and "Dokdo is Korean Territory" on various designer shirts before packing and sending them off.

If the project successfully generates tourism revenues, the government may start exporting Korean fakes to other countries with the goal of bolstering Korea's national image.

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