Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome to The Dokdo Times English Edition

View over Dokdo City
Welcome to the new English-language version of The Dokdo Times. Founded in 1509, we are Dokdo’s oldest independent Korean-language newspaper. It is hoped that by translating our stories we will be able to properly inform foreigners about Korea’s 5000-year-old civilization.

Our English-language website is best viewed on a Microsoft Windows-based PC using Internet Explorer 6 with ActiveX security disabled and your firewall turned off. Please ignore any warnings and enjoy our happy reading experience. Our Korean-language version is available via Daum for pure-blooded Koreans.

Subscriptions to our print version are available on request by writing to our office. Please see our subscription section for a special event and Lucky Cashback offer, or email your credit card and National Identity number to us for continuous charging.

We are sorry that our subscription section is currently only available in Korean and we are unable to accept foreign identity numbers for subscription at the moment due to database limitations. Thank you.

Please when submitting any comments to The Dokdo Times use your full name and address where you can be found, in compliance with Ministry of Public Administration and Security rules to ensure your maximum online safety for your benefit.