Friday, March 29, 2013

Traditional Korean Slap in the Face Under Threat

The traditional method of showing affection in the workplace involving slapping a junior colleague in the face may be under threat after the principal of an elementary school in South Chungchong Province found himself in the middle of a controversy over the friendly gesture.

Problems arose when the principal hit a teacher in his 30s during a dinner organized to welcome him to the elementary school. Recalling the incident, some felt the untested teacher had done little to earn the principal's favor before even beginning his job, but it also raised concerns that the government's ban on alcohol sales in schools last year is leaving teachers sober enough to remember what happened to them at after-school gatherings.

Some colleagues defended their principal however, pointing out that while the new teacher had earned a slap in the face, he hadn't been permitted to kneel before him, a friendly privilege usually reserved for female teachers in their 20s at the school.

The KASA has long argued that 'sexual harassment' in the office - which is sometimes dubiously claimed by a handful of women - is merely a sign that they are recognized by male colleagues for the unique qualities they bring to the workplace. But recently courts have taken a harder line towards the time-honored practice as part of the womanification of Korea which led to the election of the country's first openly-female president last year.

Recently, an inter-Korean slap in the face aimed at President Park in Seoul by the North Korean leadership in Pyongyang was welcomed by liberal progressives as a sign that more food aid should be sent to the impoverished nuclear state as a friendly return gesture, but some conservative elements argued that the slap wasn't hard enough to be taken seriously, and it demonstrated a lack of commitment by the North to building a lasting friendship between the two half-nations.

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