Thursday, August 9, 2012

Korea to Face Mortal Enemy Japan in Olympic Football

Japan: Victory "Mine mine mine!"
South Korea is to face its mortal enemy Japan in an Olympic football match early Saturday morning that it is expected can only end in the survival of one team of players.

Japan has long been regarded as a mortal enemy in Korea, defined by English dictionaries as "an enemy who wants to kill you", and there is no doubt about the murderous intent of the Japanese throughout Korean history ever since Korea's Goryeo Dynasty sent 20,000 emissaries to Japan with Kublai Khan's failed peace missions of 1274 and 1281, which were met with brutal violence by the brutal Japanese.

Ever since this time, Japan has seen Korea as a threat even though they started the historic conflict between the two nations, and Korea – which has always sought a path of non-violence throughout its 5,000 year history – has come under unprovoked attacks and invasions from Japan several times. The latest attack, planned for tomorrow on a football battlefield in Wales, shows the global scope of the Japanese hatred for Korea, and that they are prepared to attack anywhere in the world at anytime in their quest to kill their mortal enemy.

The stakes are high. Victory on the battlefield by the mighty Taegeuk Warriors and the endorsement in the form of a bronze medal that would bring from the Olympic Movement of which every country in the world is a member, would surely shame Japan into finally giving up its preposterous territorial claim over Korea's Dokdo Island and rightly even the occupied Korean island of Daemado. A loss by the Korean players would doubtless dishonor them, their families and five generations of their ancestors if it does not cost them their lives, and it has already been decided that any of these surviving traitors will be subject to mandatory re-education in military training camps for 21 months.

While Korea can now only play for the bronze, the international press agrees that the previous match against Brazil was subject to numerous dubious calls and that Korea should rightfully be playing for gold in the final. So as the nation watches tomorrow, there is no doubt that only bad foreign judging decisions can rob victory from a team that has been called the most pure-blooded ever fielded by Korea.

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