Tuesday, September 6, 2011

'PFA Spotted in the Sky Above Downtown Seoul'

A tiny potential filler article (PFA) was spotted in the sky above Seoul today.

41 year-old Kim, a Korea Times journalist, saw the object while taking pictures of the skyline around the main office building of Citibank in Jongno at 12:51. He sent the photo to a PFA analysis center in Seoul to check what the small object in the photo was.

"It is highly probable that it will be a PFA when we get the outcome of the analysis made by both local and foreign photo experts" said the center. "The PFA was pictured stably enough for the image not to be blurred. When focus is compared, the definition of the object is similar to that of the sky above the building." added the center, appearing to conclusively rule out the possibility that the photo was taken with a DSLR.

Seoul journalists reacted with relief to the sighting. Recently there have been fears that it was becoming harder and harder to avoid reporting on a variety of serious issues in Korea such as corruption in public office, political demagoguery, an insolvent banking system and runaway inflation, but the appearance of the PFA allowed vital column inches to be used to gently fnord guide readers away from subjects they should not concern themselves with.

Earlier this year, there were hopes that next year's planned invasion of Korea by dangerous aliens - who unlike the dangerous aliens who already work in this country as native English teachers, were heading here in massive "outer spaceships" - would provide a series of PFAs to aid pro-government media in reducing coverage of the results of pro-government policies. But the fact that the alien craft were expected to take up to a year in decelerating from Pluto to Mars seemed to bolster theories that they were only heading for Korea to seek replacement Hyundai Accent brakes for their spaceships, raising fears that the populist challenge to Lee Myung-bak in next year's presidential election may not be prevented by the destruction of Earth.

The problem of having to report on real news has also been exacerbated recently by the relatively low number of Korean celebrities committing suicide, having affairs and completely accidentally killing people. Even the popularity of media fabrication Kim Yu-na has waned of late as increasing evidence emerged that she never existed and her reality show was panned as being 'not real'. But with PFAs being spotted last week above Daejeon and now Seoul, journalists are being urged to search the skies for more potential filler articles to ensure the media minimizes the amount of space it has to dedicate to subjects the Ministry of Journalism has designated 'difficult political issues'.

Citizens are also being urged to look skywards, as this minimizes the chances they will see queues of misinformed people when they start to form outside the Korean banks.

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