Monday, April 1, 2013

Breaking News: North Korea Offers Unconditional Peace Talks, Unification

In a statement released at 9.30pm Korea Standard Time the North Korean government through its Korean Central News Agency dramatically announced unconditional peace talks with South Korea "with the firm aim of creating a democratically unified nation under the existing structures of the South Korean state without preconditions."

The unexpected statement credited the work of the South's Sunshine Policy and Kaesong Industrial Complex in convincing it to abandon its plan to ultimately develop nuclear weapons that would threaten the declining United States, leaving the way clear to gradually coerce Seoul into unification on the North's terms through the use of increasing nuclear blackmail, tacitly backed by China. "Koreans living in the South are our brothers and we could never harm them." said the statement before adding "let this be a lesson to the world – appeasement and weakness in the face of nuclear threats can convince dictatorships to reform."

The announcement indicates that 50,000 members of the existing leadership in Pyongyang would submit to 'truth and reconciliation' hearings in Seoul, in addition to criminal and United Nations trials where appropriate. Nuclear facilities would continue to be guarded by the Korean People's Army until they could be taken over by South Korean forces, and military experts would stay at their posts to assist the South in reprogramming nuclear missiles for targets in China and Japan.

It is not known why the North has suddenly issued the announcement which represents a historic policy shift and effective surrender at a time when it appeared to be preparing for war against the South and the United States, but the National Intelligence Service said it could be the culmination of a sudden power struggle and that its sources in Pyongyang would normally be expected to provide more information on the background to the decision, if they actually had sources in Pyongyang.

Further updates will be provided as this story develops.

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