Friday, September 28, 2012

Weather Girl Refuses to be Pigeonholed as Weather Girl

A Korean weather girl has spoken out about her attempts to escape from the typecasting normally associated with the role. 29 year-old KBS weather girl Kim talked to the media this week in a series of two minute interviews to discuss her plans for a radical career change. "I've told people the weather for seven years and I really warmed to it," said Kim "but finally I think I’ve taken it as far as it can go."

Posing for the cameras, Kim says she doesn’t want people to think of her just because of her looks or body, but because she's also talented in other areas.

In her second interview, Kim privately admitted that she's had to battle with the age factor in telling people about the weather. "It's well-known that really only young women are able to forecast the weather due to their bone density, and once you hit your late twenties your abilities naturally decline. So the days ahead seem cloudy."

In her next interview, Kim spoke of her frustration with public perceptions of her job. "You have to wear clothes according to the forecast - anything from a light top in hot weather right through to plastic raincoats if it's raining heavily. It is a high pressure position." But with a degree in fashion design, Kim is perfectly qualified to cope with the constant wardrobe changes being a weather girl demands, although she points out that "it's an aspect of the role with which the public has poor visibility."

Kim added though that one of the few advantages of reaching an advanced age was that it opened up acting roles playing married women, or women who fall in love with a man who unknown to her is tragically suffering from an unusual terminal illness. "Acting is a high pressure profession, but I've been flooded with offers so I don’t fear a career drought" Kim forecast confidently.

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