Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sex Offenders 'No Longer Trusted to be Honest'

In a bid to crack down on an outbreak of highly publicized sex crime stories in the media, the government has announced that it will update the addresses and other personal information of convicted sex offenders every six months instead of the current interval of twelve.

The existing law was intended to ensure that the whereabouts of sex criminals was known, but while they were required to update their address once a year, the police were not required to verify the information as it would mean getting out of their cars. The system therefore relied on the sex criminals being honest, but contrary to the government's hopes, findings suggested that they weren't.

It was also found that even where sex criminals did provide a valid address which was then posted on a government website for the benefit of their neighbors, they usually moved somewhere else within weeks for reasons which remain unclear, meaning that for as much as eleven months the government wouldn't know where they lived until their next required registration date.

The Ministry of Justice has also since discovered that even if the addresses of sex offenders are known, it doesn't necessarily create de facto safe zones as the criminals have simply bought cars and conducted attacks outside their neighborhoods. As a consequence, the Ministry wishes the public to know that it will now start confirming the vehicle ownership of convicted sex offenders, but other drivers can still continue to own their vehicles anonymously.

An official said the government is hoping that the new measures will lead to a reduction in reported sex crimes in the media.

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