Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Typhoon Ahn Forecast to Strike Korea Tomorrow

Months after it was first forecast, Typhoon Ahn is forecast to strike the Korean Peninsula tomorrow at around 3pm.

Tropical Storm Ahn first developed last October, when it was expected to affect Seoul, but it appeared to fade away quickly as – according to weather watchers – it lacked strength and momentum. But Ahn refused to completely dissipate, spending months alternating between tropical storm and tropical depression status. It was forecast to finally develop into a typhoon many times during this period, but it appeared unable to develop sufficient atmospheric substance, resulting in a lot of hot air being blown over South Korea for months.

The government is concerned that the long-lasting storm has led to many people becoming complacent of the danger that Ahn poses, but that it is important that the public realize that Ahn is deceptive. "Just because this storm has threatened the country for a long time, doesn't make it any less damaging when it finally makes landfall" said an official. Citizens are being warned to be careful of landslides once the typhoon hits.

Ahn's path across the country is expected to be erratic, according to forecasters, and its effects could be felt for several years.

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