Friday, August 3, 2012

Two Koreas Demand Be Officially Recognized

Japan: East Sea "Mine mine mine!"
Delegates from North and South Korea attending the 10th United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Domain Names in New York are demanding that be officially recognized as the representative domain of the body of water which lies to the east of the Korean Peninsula and next to Japan.

"Japan clearly doesn't have the rights to control" said an unnamed 39-year-old foreign ministry official. "If the East Sea were really Japanese, wouldn't they own the domain name?" he added.

Japan claims it originally registered its own domain name for the body of water "" in 1929, during its colonial rule of Korea, but the Korean Northeast Asian History Foundation says that it has evidence in the form of numbers linked to the creation record of the domain which shows that it was registered before this in Gyeonggi-Do, on August 3rd in the year 447AD (After Dokdo).

In fact, having been passed down from generation to generation, the domain is now owned by Cho Byung-ryul, who may not be a Kim but who is nevertheless clearly Korean. If the domain had originally been Japanese, why would a Korean own it today, and be legally empowered to sell it for $300,000? The Japanese claims are clearly ridiculous and the United Nations should immediately throw their dubious domain name case out.

But in a show of goodwill the Korean delegation in New York say they are willing to compromise with an agreement over a 'dual-naming' convention that would result in the joint use of as the representative domain name for the body of water until 2017. After this transitional period, during which Korea still reserves the right to keep pushing for the sole use of on the principle that this is really still its rightful name, the United Nations would then merge the names, taking one word from the Korean name – 'East' and one word from the Japanese name – 'Sea', making the new officially recognized domain

Seoul first raised the issue with the United Nations in 1992, the year after South Korea was finally allowed to join the international disorganization.

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