Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nuclear Terrorism: Japanese Agent Launches Attack Against Korea!

Japan - the East Sea Pirates
A motorcyclist wearing a helmet in an absurd attempt to disguise his Japanese origins threw a brick through the glass entrance door of the South Korean consulate office in Hiroshima early Saturday, and the weapon has now tested positive for low levels of radiation – seemingly making this the world's first act of nuclear terrorism.

Japanese police, who were standing nearby but mysteriously failed to arrest the nuclear brick attacker, say they are investigating the case as a possible response to South Korean President Lee Myung-bak's visit to Dokdo, leaving many Koreans asking how it could be that they can't catch or identify a person, but somehow they know his motives.

On the day of the President's visit, the Japanese Foreign Minister threatened that Japan "must respond to it further" and that this response "would definitely have a large impact", which at the time was widely seen as diplomatic code threatening nuclear retaliation. As so it has proved – with Japan's nuclear brick leaving a hole in the door of the South Korean consulate in Hiroshima. And ridiculously, Tokyo now denies any part in planning the attack, despite their explicit threats to do so. It is as absurd as threatening to bomb Busan Harbor in a surprise attack, and then denying having done it when helmet-wearing Japanese fly past sinking several ships and causing a huge loss of life.

The unprovoked and outrageous attack comes just one month after the Japanese Embassy in Seoul ambushed a Korean truck driver in broad daylight before escaping from the capital, which led to Tokyo shamelessly demanding a new embassy building to replace it. South Korea rightly refused, and after a month of sleeping out in the open the Japanese Ambassador - his samurai spirit weakening - has finally been recalled to his country so he can have a shower.

Korea must now be on its guard, because the inherently dishonest Japanese may not be as open about their next act of nuclear terrorism. The government must act now to ban Japanese planes – which could be carrying nuclear bombs - from Korean airports. Terrorists disguised as 'cultural performers' - with their convenient kamikaze-vest concealing kimonos - must immediately be banned from public places in Korea. The government in Seoul must demand the immediate shutdown of Japan's nuclear reactors, which have been constantly threatening the Korean Peninsula with massive fallout, and the United Nations needs to oversee the de-bricking of Japan, because as long as Tokyo has one brick at its disposal it will clearly remain a threat to regional security and the safety of the peaceful Korean nation.

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