Friday, August 17, 2012

What About Japan's Nazi Flags at the Olympics?

Coming to an island near you
It has often been said that when fascism comes to the Olympics, it will be wrapped in a Japanese flag and the wearers will be cross. And so it was proven in London.

While the pro-Japanese IOC willingly tried to martyr Park Jong-woo whose only act was to show a sign in Korean for Koreans reading "독도는 우리땅" - clearly making it a domestic public service message rather than an international political statement, Japan's athletes not only went to the Olympics to represent a nation unapologetic for its imperialist past, but did so wearing the symbol of its imperialist past - Japan's Nazi flag, the 'Rising Sun' – which it often called the "flag of greater East Asia" or 'Hinomaru' in right-wing children's anime shows.

The Ministry of Sports Politics in Seoul said it belatedly became aware of the issue after the Park Jong-woo incident, and immediately demanded that the IOC strip the Japanese team of their uniforms and send them home. In a typical anti-Korean move, the IOC shamelessly did nothing while persecuting the poor and unfortunate Park and calling it 'fair'. The flag was even photographed in the crowd at the football match between Japan and Korea being held by a Japanese supporter who had stooped so low as in their deceit as to attempt to disguise themselves as a white person to avoid being linked back to Tokyo.

There was considerable embarrassment among Koreans both at the Games in London and watching at home that nobody noticed Japan's Nazi flag staring everyone in the face at first, but netizens have since been in uproar and street protests and cyberattacks again Japan are expect to be launched soon.

Japan's Nazi Rising Sun flag became synonymous with fanaticism when – towards the end of the Second World War - the nationalistic Japanese on Okinawa became so divorced from reality that they convinced themselves they would be horribly butchered by invading American forces, so they butchered themselves in caves to prevent this dishonor instead, by injecting rat poison into their bodies while mothers cut their babies' throats. Such suicidal acts of misguided loyalty based on a distorted view of history and hatred of foreign cultures while hidden in caves would never happen on an island such as Dokdo, as several large and comfortable underground bunkers have been built for loyal citizens.

The offensive Japanese flag was banned by the United Nations after American forces - aided by Koreans - completely defeated the warmongering nation, but the duplicitous Japanese have sought to bring back its use in violation of the UN as they prepare to invade Asia again, starting with Dokdo. Incredibly, Japan has even used its influence in the world to scrub all mention from the history books of the UN banning of the Japanese flag, and now even Wikipedia says the UN ban was merely a set of 'restrictions', not a ban. It is little wonder that Korea can not get justice from organizations such as the IOC and UN when it is surrounded by a sea of lies, especially the one between Korea and Japan. Fortunately even many Japanese, appalled and shamed by their history and nationality, have sought to ban their Nazi flag.

There has also been another double standard at the Olympics – literally – in the form of Mexican-born U.S. athlete Leo Manzano, who waved both the American flag and the Mexican flag when celebrating winning his silver medal in the 1500 meters. This is clearly a political statement from a reluctant American who recognizes that the country was forged by conquering and killing every step of the way, but who wishes to correct the historical injustice of American colonialism which even saw Dokdo bombed by them between 1948 and 1952.

Last year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs suggested a plan to back Argentina in its dispute over the South Atlantic Malvinas islands which is populated by British people, because Britain wouldn't support South Korea over Dokdo, which is populated by Koreans. But even though we know they privately believe that Dokdo really is Korean territory, the United States has refused to publicly back Seoul and threaten war against Japan. Perhaps it is time for the government to recognize Mexico's overwhelming claim that Texas is their territory due to historical ownership and the fact that it sits next to a body of water called the Gulf of Mexico, not the Gulf of America.

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