Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sexual Harassment by Female Sluts in Korea is Killing Men

Women are the weaker of the two sexes and have long been considered vulnerable to sexual assaults and harassment such as the recent The Korea Times piece titled "A thin line between sexy and trashy", in which the newspapers' photographers followed women wearing "revealing clothes" around Seoul while taking their photographs.

The generalization of women as weak and vulnerable to sex attacks and beatings from their husbands supposedly indicates that men are aggressors, but this also produces an unintended side effect – putting ordinary men in an awkward position in everyday circumstances. So are women as blameless as they claim to be, or are they in fact the real sexual predators, systematically harassing innocent Korean men?

Men regularly have to overcome suspicious looks from women, who fear us sitting next to them and engaging in entirely accidental 'skinship' by brushing their arm against them or finding a hand under their bare leg. They wear perfume and then complain if we try to get close enough to smell it properly. Women also claim they fear walking in a desolate neighborhood street while being closely followed by a man who they immediately label a potential sexual predator before he has even had the chance to do anything. So which gender is really doing the sexual harassment in these situations?

Riding up an escalator, many of these sexual predator slut-bitches in short skirts cover their behinds with their bags as if to say we were deliberately trying to catch a glimpse of their panties. Men may have to suppress an urge to cry out loud "Wear long skirts or trousers and cover up your body you cheap filthy whore!" Of course, few would translate this urge into action, though some do. In a modern and supposedly peaceful society, we must ask why women are allowed to dress provocatively, and why we casually accept the reality that half of our society is constantly trying to provoke the other.

So what are men behind these women to do when confronted by these sexual attacks, except look away at the risk of stumbling, falling over, and even breaking their necks? Sexual harassment by Korean women against men is spiraling out of control and killing people. To avoid stumbling and save their lives, men have little choice but to look at these murderous sluts, and then of course they are accused by these whores of being potential rapists as though they would ever act on those thoughts.

In other words, we have to pay extra attention while simply walking around behind women, for fear of being the subject of "dagger" looks or even verbal denunciations for every innocent move we make. Is there no escape from our emancipation? Are we living in a "Minority Report" world ruled by women, where men are all struck by the stroke of guilt even before we commit a crime?

The Dokdo Times sent its young male reporters out to investigate it. Many returned clearly traumatized by the climate of sexual fear and objectification they were subjected to. Three were arrested by pro-women police officers lending further evidence to the suggestion that Korea is secretly controlled by a cabal of whores, and sadly, two of our reporters failed to return at all. We fear they probably stumbled and fell – fatally injuring themselves – while trying to avoid looking up women's skirts.

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