Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Japanese Prime Minister Wants to Bomb Pearl Harbor Again

Coming to an island near you
Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko 'Tojo' Noda is behind Japan's confrontational stance in dealing with historical disputes with Korea, China and Russia. The history of Tokyo's militarism and its devastating effects are on many people's minds, although they wish to remain anonymous.

Experts, who have also asked to remain anonymous, say that Noda pretended to be conciliatory when he became Prime Minister last year. Some unnamed people say that he is a "historical setback" who wants Japan to resume World War II.

Regarded by unconfirmed observers as being 'far to the right' in the ruling liberal Democratic Party of Japan, the 55-year-old violated diplomatic protocol recently by revealing the content of a letter complaining about Dokdo sent to President Lee Myung-bak.

This violation is serious enough, but now that the ruling Saenuri Party has chosen the daughter of former military dictator Park Chung-hee, Park Geun-hye, as its presidential candidate, there is every chance that Korea will soon get its first female president. If the Dokdo issue had been raised just a few months later, would the Japanese Prime Minister have willingly violated her in the same way, with the 'comfort women' sex slave issue still unresolved? It seems that not only is Japan not sorry for the systematic rape of Korean women during the war, it wants to start doing it again. And yet this potential rapist shows no remorse.

But it shouldn't be surprising. Noda is the son of a Japanese Defense Agency member who supports Class-A war criminals and the practice of visiting shrines where some of them are buried, specifically to pay tribute to them while ignoring the others memorialized there as a deliberate insult.

Lee Myung-bak has revealed the frustration he felt last year when he met the Japanese leader during a summit, saying he spoke to him for more than an hour to explain why Korea had no plan to accept Japan's call to remove a statue of a girl in traditional costume placed in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul to commemorate the 1,000th weekly protest against sex slavery by the Japanese military during World War II. Studies have shown that other foreigners subjected to such talks lose the will to live after the first five minutes, but sixty minutes later the cowardly descendent of samurais still hadn't done the honorable thing and committed seppuku. Instead, reportedly in a further outrageous insult, the Japanese Prime Minister merely suggested a compromise where the statue of the girl wasn't removed, but her traditional costume was.

In a further sign that Noda wants to return to Japan's colonial period, after President Lee's inauguration speech in February 2008 he wrote that the Osaka-born Korean president was an example of the new type of leader that Asia needed – in other words, Japanese.

Professor David Kang – who might sound Korean but works in America at a reputable university - said it was surprising that Japan was picking territorial disputes with "every single one of its neighbors", given that it has "a weak economy, declining population and no real vision for the future."

In a sign of the country's collective psychological destrabilization, Japan has a near-schizophrenic approach to its various territorial disputes. It maintains the position that it will simply discuss the issue of the Kuril Islands with Russia, as Moscow is open to talks, and it is taking a low-key approach with Chinese activities attempting landings on the Senkaku Islands, because they are under its control. But for some reason, just because Dokdo is not under its control and Seoul refuses to discuss the issue even through the International Court of Justice, Tokyo seems to be taking a harder line with Korea, which simply does not make sense.

The overwhelming conclusion from the evidence above is that Japan is planning an imminent attack on Pearl Harbor.

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