Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Japanese Embassy Ambushes Korean Truck Driver

Japan's Seoul Embassy Flag
In an increasing sign of Japanese militarism, the Japanese embassy ambushed a Korean truck driver yesterday in broad daylight on the streets of Seoul.

Tensions have been mounting between the increasingly belligerent Japanese and the kind and peaceful people of Korea, over a statue that was installed in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul last December to enhance the cultural environment of the area. The beautiful and sensitive artwork commemorates the shocking plight of Korean women who were brutally forced into sexual slavery during Japan's colonial rape of Korea (~1910-1945). Incredibly the embassy denied it was involved in this exploitation of Korean women, claiming it was only built in 1976.

Last month, Japanese anger boiled over yet again and a 47 year-old Japanese man drove a wooden stake into the bronze statue with a message attached to it which read "Dokdo is Japanese territory", a ridiculous territorial claim in line with those by Japan's extreme rightists. Fortunately there are no extreme rightists in Korea, where everyone knows Dokdo is Korean territory. The Japanese extremist is now selling similar stakes on the Korean Internet.

The failure of Korea to declare war on Japan in response to the incident is believed to have emboldened the Japanese embassy to escalate Tokyo's campaign, leading to it sneaking up on the Korean truck and ramming it from behind. The helpless old man driving the truck, who sustained a serious scratch in the attack above his right eye, told police who had rushed to his aid "If I die, please cremate me and spread my ashes in the waters off Dokdo." However, doctors believe they can save him.

There is speculation that the unprovoked assault was the first act in a premeditated killing spree aimed the genocidal murder of as many Korean motorists as possible before declaring the nearby roads to be Japanese territory. After the first attack, police and military personnel disrupted the planned Japanese campaign, chasing the Japanese embassy through Seoul's congested streets, but it got away. It is now being hunted on charges of violating the Act on Punishment of Violence Acts etc., the Act on Driving Without Insurance, and the Act on Being Japanese in a Public Place Without a License. Officials say diplomatic immunity will not apply in the case because South Korea does not have particularly diplomatic relations with Japan.

Police have warned the public that the Japanese embassy should be considered dangerous and should not be approached. Coastal areas are now being watched in case it makes an attempt to swim back to the Japanese fatherland, but there are fears the embassy may never be caught. In August last year, the TechnoMart building in Seoul escaped, running a red light and alarming motorists, but it quickly became wedged in a narrow alleyway. The failure to capture the Japanese embassy quickly may mean it has now adopted a disguise, and police have asked Seoul residents to be on the lookout for any buildings acting suspiciously.

With its old embassy on the run, the Japanese government has already - shamelessly - requested permission to build a new and bigger embassy building to replace it, no doubt with the aim of causing more damage next time they launch an unprovoked attack on Seoul's fearful drivers.

Korean government officials believe the new building, which is planned to be more than three times larger in floor area than the old one - with six stories above ground and more made-up Japanese lies below it - is part of a plan by Japan's increasingly militarized government to control more of Seoul's airspace as a prelude to invasion by Japanese ground forces.

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