Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Shocking Reality About Relationships With MBC TV Heads

MBC TV, which earlier this year broadcast a program revealing the shocking reality for unfortunate Korean women who have relationships with foreigners under the title "The Shocking Reality About Relationships With Foreigners", has now filmed a sequel called "The Shocking Reality About Relationships With MBC TV Heads".

It is understood that the program focuses on men whose wives have had bad experiences with these shocking television executives. In one interview, a man claiming to be the husband of a female victim says she spent a night in a Japanese hotel near Osaka last year, and demanded an apology.

The man, who was shown talking to reporters in a coffee shop with his identity obscured, shockingly claimed that the MBC TV head had not only committed adultery – a criminal offense in Korea punishable by up to two years in prison, although mainly for women – but that the alleged act happened over Chuseok – apparently in a deliberate insult to Korean culture's most revered holiday. Furthermore, the specific date over Chuseok was said to be September 11th. "He could be a terrorist." said the anonymous narrator.

Determined to get to the bottom of the story, a reporter phoned women in the Seoul area telling them "I hear you've been the victim of an MBC TV Head". "I don't want to talk about it" one woman confirmed, clearly deeply traumatized.

There is no doubt that the morals of MBC TV heads has become a social issue. In one area of Seoul, Korean television executives can be found walking with married women all over the streets with daring intimacy. According to "The Shocking Reality About Relationships With MBC TV Heads", some Korean women are trying to date with MBC executives frequently in order to use them, but they are the ones who end up as the biggest victims in these affairs.

Predictably, MBC TV heads have hit back saying that the program presents a false portrayal of relationships between Korean women and MBC TV heads. The MBC TV head accused of taking a married woman to the New Awaji hotel near Osaka during Chuseok on the anniversary of 9/11 even tried to claim it was not true and he had only taken her phone to the hotel because they had a normal business relationship. He did not answer questions about whether this meant he was having an affair with her phone instead.

In a Facebook group that gained 1 member is less than four hours, MBC TV heads are now asking how they can launch action against the program makers. However, the same member later replies to his own question, saying that the program was produced by an outside company and it is therefore really nothing to do with MBC.

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