Friday, June 15, 2012

Anger as Apple Declares Dokdo Japanese Territory

Korea's Dokdo City - Visible from Space
Residents of Dokdo have expressed their outrage after discovering that the latest version of Apple's iPhone mobile operating system, iOS6, has declared that the Dokdo Islands are Japanese territory and should now be known as 'Takeshima', a name no-one in Korea has ever heard of.

The move is the second time Apple has brutally attacked the Korean people using their phones. In November 2010, people were shocked when maps of the East Sea on the iPhone showed Dokdo without a name, but this was eventually explained as the islands not needing a name because everyone around the world - including the Japanese if they were to be honest - knows they are called Dokdo and nothing else.

Apple previously used Google to provide its maps, but recently switched to 'INCREMENT P CORP' - an angry Japanese company which apparently wants to remap the world as it was in the early 1940s. But they have clearly made an elementary mistake in their rush to smother the truth in perverse propaganda, because while most of Korea was brutally occupied by the colonial Japanese until 1945, it is a matter of easily proven historical fact that Dokdo alone succeeded in holding out against Japanese forces - which is why Dokdo City served as a temporary Korean capital until after mainland Korea liberated itself.

Korea's Dokdo is not the only territory Apple appears to have attacked as part of the Japanese plot. Gibraltar - Britain's Dokdo - has also been omitted. However, the population of Gibraltar is only around 30,000 whereas the population of Dokdo is almost 100,000. Clearly the greater insult is aimed at Korea. Nevertheless, British people have still taken to the streets in an outpouring of anger, threatening to boycott Apple products and cut their fingers off in protest.

But it is unlikely that the Korean and British governments will be able to coordinate their defense against Apple, as last year Korea threatened to rename the area around Britain's Falkland Islands the 'Malvinas Sea', in recognition of Argentina's claim to the tiny South Atlantic territory. Argentina - which was colonized by Spanish settlers while the indigenous South American population was ethnically cleansed - says the islands are an obscene reminder of colonial history. The move clearly upset the British government, which said nothing on the subject.

But while Britain is so industrially weak compared to Korea it even lacks its own mobile phone manufacturer, the Dokdo issue has created a moral dilemma for many iPhone-using Koreans, who want their phones to be foreign and aspirational, but not their islands. Many may now be forced to buy the domestically produced Korean Galaxy III, which is newer and more powerful but less foreign.

Apple recently tried to block the Korean Galaxy III from sale in the US in order to suppress the truth about Dokdo, but failed this week when the case went up against a Korean judge.

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