Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Foreigner Arrested at Airport Carrying Drugs

Police say they have arrested a foreigner after he was found to be carrying illegal drugs during an airport search.

The tourist was arrested by Canadian police during a check at Vancouver International Airport on Friday, according to Seoul's local consulate office. The 28 year-old, only identified by his family name of Kim, was apprehended while trying to leave Canada after a four-day visit. He was scheduled to stop in Japan before returning to his home in South Korea.

Drugs are illegal in South Korea, except for mind-altering substances such as medical stimulants, tobacco and alcohol whose use is not only legal but almost mandatory in Korean society. But authorities are attempting to crack down on medical stimulants, as human flesh pills were recently officially banned from sale.

It is not known what type of drugs 28 year-old Kim was caught in possession of, but there seems little doubt he purchased them from foreigners while in Canada, raising serious questions over how these foreigners were permitted to sell dangerous substances to an innocent Korean tourist. There are fears that if foreign authorities do not take action, more Koreans may fall victim to these dangerous foreign criminals.

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