Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MBC Program Investigated After Spike in Hospital Visits

An MBC program broadcast in America as part of the Korean Wave is being investigated after it apparently led to a spike in hospital visits on Monday.

Doctors at the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital said that a number of patients had suddenly arrived at their emergency room claiming they believed they were HIV positive or even had AIDS. On investigation the Chief of Diagnostic Medicine at the hospital discovered that all the patients had been watching the acclaimed K-drama 'God of War' (무신), and when the program was played very slowly, subliminal messages appeared every 300 frames, with messages such as 'All Americans have AIDS'.

These so-called 'blipverts' had apparently convinced what was left of American viewers' subconscious minds that they really did have AIDS, and while as foreigners this was statistically highly likely, it improbably transpired that they didn't, making their collective arrival at the hospital unusual.

MBC said that while they commissioned, produced and originally broadcast the program, the frames containing the anti-foreigner messages were produced by an outside company and were not their responsibility. Asked why they were inserted into the K-drama in the first place, MBC said it was important that as well as being entertaining, their shows carried an underlying message.

A 43 year-old spokesman, whose family name is Seo, said the company isn't worried that foreign buyers for overseas broadcasters will think 'MBC is a racist Korean TV company' and stop purchasing their imported Korean dramas, as it wasn't racist to point out the fact that many foreigners had HIV, unlike Koreans, who don't suffer from the foreign virus.

'God of War' depicts the lives of powerful men and the powerless women they love in the historical Korean Goryeo Kingdom, a successor entity to the Korean Goguryeo Kingdom which once controlled southern Manchuria and parts of Primorsky Krai which are now brutally occupied by China and Russia despite their Korean heritage.

The worldwide success of 'God of War' offers yet more proof of the insatiable appetite foreigners have for all things Korean as the Korean Wave sweeps the world, and it is now hoped that MBC's other recent hit 'The Shocking Reality About Relationships With Foreigners' can be sold to U.S. networks, in order to warn Americans about these dangerous foreigners and their insatiable appetite for all things Korean.

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