Friday, June 8, 2012

MBC: ‘Shocking Foreigners’ Program Not Intended to be Racist, but Misogynistic

The MBC producer of the 'racist' TV program "Sesangbogi Sisigakgak" (Seeing the World, Minute by Minute) - which last week ran an episode called "The Shocking Reality About Relationships With Foreigners" - said that it was not meant to be anti-foreigner, but anti-women. He said he stands by his show and asked not to be named.

The piece intended to portray "Korean women who are out of their sense and get involved in these kinds of affairs" with foreigners, he said. With statistics showing that a growing number of Koreans are suffering from mental problems, MBC is campaigning for stupid Korean women who become romantically involved with foreigners and are therefore out of their minds to be given rapid psychological treatment.

"Too often, society does little to help these half-witted, immoral and subsequently diseased whores from getting the help they need" said an MBC commentator, who declined to be named. A source close to "Sesangbogi Sisigakgak" said that the tacit acceptance of mental illness has reached a point where women are even allowed to drive now. A later show plans to expose such 'female drivers', if enough photos of them naked can be taken through their apartment windows.

It isn't the first time MBC has been on the receiving end of unprovoked attacks from foreigners. Earlier this year, they came under pressure after it uploaded one of its 'blackface' videos to the international Youtube website, rather than only showing it domestically as is normal practice.

The producer said he didn't understand why foreigners were getting angry about 'The Shocking Reality About Relationships With Foreigners'. "Foreigner-Korean women couples are living happily, but why are they angry over an issue that has nothing to do with them? We had no intention to disparage foreigners."

An expert who conducts research into the subject of 'foreigners, Korean women and AIDS' agreed that "The issue in this case is not about foreigners. We have to understand they were born that way and it probably isn't their fault. What we have to address is shocking reality of these whores in Korea who apparently are willingly becoming race and blood traitors to the Korean people." It is believed the behavior is a sign that the so-called 'female consensual sex outbreak' is worsening.

Many on the streets of Seoul agreed. One man - who is from Busan but who asked not to be named because he is married, said "It is one thing for me to treat my wife as a whore as nature intended - and domestic laws require - but quite another for a woman to willingly enter into such a relationship with a foreigner."

There are fears that if Korean women start to take the initiative sexually, morals may even decline to a point where sex with them can no longer be easily paid for, coerced or forced. Just last year, a man received a suspended sentence after unbelievably being found guilty of raping his wife after stabbing her with a weapon, shockingly demonstrating that the legal system was apparently going soft on women, even in Busan, where men are regarded as real men - if slightly geographically challenged.

However, it does not mean that foreigners are blameless in this affair. Showing their lack of cultural understanding, they have criticized the broadcast for not citing sources, making wild suppositions, and even falsifying information - but this is standard academic practice in Korea and it is not clear why they believe a TV program should have to be more thorough than most Korean professors and students, especially considering the fact that everyone knows most foreign teachers faked their degree certificates so that they could come to Korea and spread AIDS.

Last year experts warned that South Korea may face the threat of terrorism from 'mixed-race children' if its ethnic minorities end up expressing their frustration over discrimination and scorn through terrorist acts.

One particular criticism these culturally ignorant potential terrorists made about the sole woman making the allegations in the program, was that she was only shown blurred and from the chest downwards, failing to understand that this is how women are commonly seen by Korean men and the show was only framing the shot in a way they were familiar with. It was not filmed this way because the woman isn't real and her story was made up by a scriptwriter.

"Please understand our unique culture." said an MBC spokesperson in an attempt to reach out to the foreign community and remind them that if they had a culture worth bothering about, they would want it to be understood too.

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"Please understand our unique culture."

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