Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ultra-Rightists in Tokyo

Is a new flag needed?
While peaceful Koreans were distracted democratically electing lawmakers last Wednesday, an unthinkable event was taking place across the East Sea. A rally supporting Japan's childish claims to to the Korean Dokdo Islands was held in the capital city of Tokyo and included not only radical nationalists, but ranking government officials – obviously deliberately to coincide with the Korean election.

The timing, venue and participants indicates how tenacious and meticulous the Japanese are in their gradual erosion of Korea's sovereignty, because be in no doubt this rally eroded Korea's sovereignty. "I felt my sovereignty slipping away on the day of the election", said 24 year-old Kim who lives in South Korea's second-class city of Busan, "and immediately turned on the news to find out what was causing it." Kim says he was angered to hear about the Japanese rally, which Korean scientists estimate reduced Korea's sovereignty by as much as 19.10%.

It was nothing short of shocking to hear these ultra-rightists' remarks at the rally, which called for revising Japan's constitution to revive its self-defense rights. In short, these conservative extremists were advocating war against South Korea.

This seemingly abrupt assertiveness might reflect the fact that Tokyo's other territorial disputes are failing as well. Or it might be due to the increasing sense of frustration the world's former No. 2 economy feels in contrast to the rise of China and Korea. Or it may simply be sexual frustration caused by the fact that Japanese men have smaller penises than Korean men. But none of these so-called reasons can justify the resurgence of ultra-rightist nationalism and rhetoric in Japan – a worst-case nightmare for its Asian neighbors.

These shocking acts by ultra-rightists show why Koreans should respond exactly the same way. But where are the Korean ultra-rightists? Why are Koreans so politically moderate and liberal that they quietly and politely state the simple fact that Dokdo is Korean territory, while refraining from public rallies, stunts and vicious attacks on their neighbor in the media? Seoul must drop its "quiet diplomacy" which, more often than not has led to Korea's complete surrender, its invasion, and the successful wiping out of the Korean pure-blooded race.

The Korean people also need to somehow learn how to become angry radical nationalists too despite the calmness of nature that we are so globally famous for. Can anyone in this country even remember how to hold a protest? Of course not, because we are so peaceful.

Seoul should have responded to the Tokyo rally with a defensive strike against Japanese targets such as missile sites in retaliation, but it did not. If its lukewarm approach reflected the need for bilateral cooperation in dealing with North Korea's imminent rocket launch at the time, South Korean ministers and government officials should have recalled who was the first and foremost culprit in the division of the Korean Peninsula. It was Japan that divided the Korea's two brothers, and Japan that therefore started the Korean War.

For most Koreans, there should be little doubt which country out of Japan and North Korea is the more alarming and vital issue. It is Japan which continually threatens this country with destruction, whereas the North Koreans would never really hurt us because we are all Koreans. The Japanese are not Koreans, they are not pure-blooded and do not share our pure-blooded Korean values. Unlike our North Korean brothers they can not be trusted and are likely to attack us at any moment. We must strike back against these radical nationalists and put a final end to their ultra-rightist rhetoric.

This article was translated from an editorial in The Korea Times.

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