Thursday, April 19, 2012

Classes Formally Suspended at Seoul International University

Some say I'm whimsical
Authorities at Seoul International University's Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology (SIU-GSCST) have decided to formally suspend Computer Science classes at the university until after December's presidential elections.

The move came after repeated disruptions to lectures taught by SIU professor, Ahn Cheol-soo, the presumptuous 18th President of the Republic of Korea and star of The Hangover series of movies. During one Computer Security class recently, a student asked about the ability of firewalls to fully separate two different networks. Ahn thought carefully before replying "I could join politics if I could be used to contribute to the development of society."

As students jeered he added "It's too early to talk about the presidential poll. Nobody has declared a bid for it yet." But he made it clear to his Computer Science class that if he did enter politics, he will not be swayed by political forces sharply divided by a "right and left" ideology. Political analysts have speculated that the future president's technical research within the Department of Intelligence Convergence System has led to the discovery of a new form of politics which is neither 'left', nor 'right', but instead simply 'Ahn'.

When students asked for Ahn's thoughts on the ability of firewalls to make decisions preventing illegitimate communications from passing through, he told them "My thought and code of conduct runs counter to making a decision under the influence of political forces, which could cause damage to the public interest." As students took notes, a class representative asked if the material would be in their term-paper. "If I join politics, I will put priority on the value of public interest without relying on specific political group." he warned his group in reply.

"Another computer class turns political. KMN." tweeted one student called 'lunch1230'. "Some say I'm whimsical" tweeted Ahn in response.

The university is believed to have asked Ahn not to turn the campus into an election platform but he had remained undeterred "My role at the moment is," he said, "standing at the current position and galvanizing the two [major parties] to push forward their reform drive." South Korea's reform drive has increasingly suffered from fragmentation, but it is believed that Ahn will offer to defragment it to see if it solves the problem.

Under the circumstances, university authorities said it was best to suspend Computer Science classes until after the election, and offer extra Politics credits to students in the university's Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology.

Opponents in the university's Best Graduate School of Psychology say that while Ahn says he may offer 'a new style of politics' if he decides to stand, his desperate attempts to stay in the media spotlight while remaining evasive about his intentions and proposed policies is one of the oldest political tricks in the book - but they admit that Korean consumers are likely to be attracted by the new packaging.

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