Friday, April 20, 2012

Anti-English Spectrum Rejects Foreign Members

Chanty wrassler?
The Anti-English Spectrum won a legal battle yesterday to reject foreigners born in the British region of Scotland from becoming members.

Scots in Korea had argued that they were as Anti-English as the group's Korean members - if not more so - but the court ruled that while this might be true, blood tests showed they failed the pure-blooded membership clause in the group's articles of association.

Leader of the Scots in Korea, Andy You********, who works as an English teacher, said "**** this ****. ******* ******* pig-*******. What kind of ******-up ******* legal ******* sytem is this? We hate those *********** ******* mhic na galla English ******* ****head chanty wrasslers more than Koreans do... 300 ******* years of hate-speech against those ****ies ******* for nothing? **** those *****. Let's get to-*******-gether **** like **** ***** Australian-American Mel Gibson ****** **** ******* historically accurate film Braveheart *** ***** ****** English horseholes out of Korea.

Loud chants of 'one-nil, one-nil' could be heard in English bars across Itaewon late into the night as the colonialist English, who the Anti-English Spectrum say are trying to do to Korea exactly what they did to Scotland, tried to provoke their fellow countrymen into a traditional British national barfight.

A spokesman for the Anti-English Spectrum, who wished to remain anonymous, said the behavior of the English celebrating his group's victory made him angry, but showed why the group needed to exist.

English citizens living in Korea are believed to be currently discussing forming an Anti-Scottish Spectrum, although they are struggling with the name.

Before the legal ruling, foreigners from a significant number of countries had expressed an interest in joining the Anti-English Spectrum, and there were even a number of requests from outside Korea, including one - it is believed - from President Barack Obama.

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