Friday, November 12, 2010

Ministry of Justice Warns Gay Infection May Spread Through TVs

The Ministry of Justice warned consumers yesterday that there is a danger they may catch homosexuality from their television sets.

The warning comes after TV network SBS broadcast a new drama “Life is Beautiful”, which features a sexual relationship between two men. The Ministry immediately ordered prisons not to show any more episodes to inmates, expressing the fear that it may cause them to become gay due to their isolation from women. “Prisoners are thought to be particularly susceptible to developing homosexual feelings and we must prevent this perverted behavior spreading” said a spokesman. There is no word yet on whether the drama will be also banned from being shown to young Korean men doing their national military service - a code of silence has long reigned over sexual practices in the army.

Before his arrest, a member of Chingusai – one of the largest gay networks in Korea with as many as twenty members – said the move was an obvious discrimination against minorities in society.

But some residential viewers have expressed strong support for the warning. In response to the program a group of parents ran an advert on the front page of a local newspaper which read “The drama beautified lives of gay men, which are morally and ethically wrong.” In the advert, one woman wrote “If my son becomes gay after watching the drama, develops AIDS and dies, the program producers should take full responsibility for it.” But the program producers have denied they are responsible for her son’s death in 2023, which will be officially attributed to asphyxiation due to sleeping in a closed room with an electric fan on - while actually being caused by suicide brought about by academic stress, the development of which the mother will actively cultivate.

Some politicians have expressed concerns that gay infection may not be limited to programs on television. “This is just one form of drama, what about the theater?” asked a senior legislator. Indeed, the fear that homosexuality may spread via cultural events has seen attendances drop by up to 30% at several recent International Festivals. Officials have tried to take action but results have been mixed. A no-physical contact rule at a recent music concert was ultimately not successful and parents’ groups estimate that the AIDS-related death-toll from this one event alone may eventually be as high as one-hundred.

Meanwhile, Korean TV manufacturer, FQ, have promised their new models will all come with anti-gay features “which will ensure gayness and other diseases can not be caught while using our product.” But Seongsan say they are working on a TV that will not only prevent gayness, but will actually cure homosexual family members making them heterosexual again. Foreign-made TVs, which lack anti-gay technology are expected to plunge in unpopularity, and The Ministry of Justice is considering banning their sale altogether on public safety grounds.

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