Friday, November 19, 2010

Koreans Discover Another City Full of Koreans on Southern Coast

Geographers from Seoul unexpectedly discovered another city full of Koreans on the southern coast of the peninsula last month, but details are only now coming to light as the government is concerned how its citizens might react. The city, which locals call “Busan”, may be one of several located beyond Seoul’s borders, states a leaked government report from the Ministry of Public Manipulation and Insecurity.

A Government Minister, speaking on the strict understanding that he wouldn’t be quoted until the Government had formulated a response, said that he “really didn’t know what to make of it, but it would explain the explosive growth of Seoul’s population which it’s long been speculated couldn’t be explained by birthrates alone.” Korea was previously thought to consist of only of Seoul, Mount Baekdu and Dokdo.

We understand there is some debate already however within Government circles over whether the people discovered in Busan can really be described as being ‘pure-blooded’ Koreans. Professor Kim from Seoul International University, whose research has specialized in hereditary genetics, suggested that extensive and expensive research may have to be undertaken to discover if the so-called 'Busan-Koreans' were really ethnically Koreans, or merely a mix of Korean, Chinese and Japanese who therefore might not be afforded the same legal rights and status in society as pure-blooded Koreans.

The Government is not expected to formulate a response until the middle of next year at the earliest. Meanwhile citizens of the newly discovered city who spoke to us in passable – though not perfect – Korean, confirmed a vague awareness of other so-called Korean settlements beyond Busan’s borders, although they suggested that the people living there might not be pure-blooded and they almost certainly weren’t worth thinking about.

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