Wednesday, October 19, 2011

North Korea Threatens "All Out War" Against South for 1,000th Time

Politicians in North and South Korea marked a historic milestone today, as North Korea threatened "All Out War" against the South for the 1,000th time.

As the target neared, diplomats from Pyongyang and Seoul met to work on agreeing an outline framework detailing how the two countries could officially celebrate together, but the atmosphere of the talks deteriorated so quickly they led to the North's Korean Central News Agency threatening all our war against "the southern puppets" five times in a week, reaching the 1,000th time several days before it was originally expected. The KCNA said Seoul would be destroyed in a "sea of fire" - marking the 95th time since the phrase was first used after the Chinese protectorate developed nuclear weapons in the 1990s.

DPRK watchers expect the 100th threat to nuke Seoul will come within the next three months, with many penciling in late December, when the Northern regime is expected to make its 10,000th request for food aid to feed its impoverished army. They believe this will be probably be combined with a threat to annihilate the Southern capital to mark the occasion, possibly in time for Christmas.

The Southern-based left-wing Hankyoreh newspaper said that Christmas was a time for sharing, and it would welcome any move by the North to share it's nuclear technology with Seoul over the holiday period.

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