Sunday, October 2, 2011


The Association in Korea for English Teachers, AKET, finally died today after a long fight against itself.

The Association, which promised to represent foreign English teachers by providing each member with their own personal Vice-Presidential representative, ultimately struggled to overcome its association with its founder, convicted child sex offender Richard Fiddler. By choosing not to become affiliated with KASA, the hugely successful Korean Association of Sex Attackers, AKET had little support in Korean society, consigning it to pursuing its perverse agenda in isolation.

AKET instead sought support outside the sex offenders' mainstream by attempting to achieve Non-Governmental Organization status with the Korean government, but when little progress was made the senior leadership eventually discovered that contrary to what was taught in AKET's official training video, titled "The Wizard of Oz", saying "We're very close to achieving NGO status" three times didn't just magically make it happen. AKET did finally achieve Non-Organization status though, with its departing leadership claiming that "two out of three ain't bad".

30 year-old Kansas native Dorothy Gale, the 29th and last one-year term AKET President after its five-year history, said that when the Association of Foreigners In Korea - AFIK - decided to re-brand itself as The Eff-Pats, the halo effect from this considerably more professional if slightly ruder organization no longer benefited the similarly named AKET. A proposal to rename AKET as The E-Pats failed as several of the several members were concerned this might attract further attention from the police. Three foreign teachers have already been busted for taking and trafficking drugs this year, in what is evidently a major outbreak of drug crime among foreign criminals.

But President Gale says her days of community building are far from over. She has already formed a new organization with three other members of AKET's departing Executive Committee, 28 year-old Vice-President Ray Bolger, 27 year-old Vice-President Jack Haley and 26 year-old Vice-President Bert Lahr, named the Association in Korea of Expat Teachers, or AKET.

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