Friday, July 22, 2011

Foreigners in Korea Try to Break Stereotypes with Pub-Crawl

The Association in Korea for English Teachers, AKET, is holding a pub crawl in the Itaewon district of Seoul tomorrow evening with the aim of breaking down some of the stereotypes they believe Koreans hold about foreign hagwon instructors.

In an email sent to The Dokdo Times the AKET Vice-President of External Media Communications (Dokdo Region) wrote that "many koreans peopel see foriegn english hakwan teechers as very hard working and stuff and never get out into korean sosiety to brake down culturel barriers and also we want to show that life in korea is not all that".

According to AKET's later press release “after carefull debate which herd motions for and against the proposed pub-crorl a quorate meating of the AKET Seoul Events and Cultural Liaison Sub-Comittee (Itaewon Division) elected via a secret ballot organized under the transferable vote system in acordence with the AKET Constitution Section 237(f) Electoral Rules 58-64 and 92 and Standing Order 44 a Vice-President for Itaewon-Based Pub Crorls (Occuring on 7/23/2010) a Deputy Vice-President for the same and a Planning Commitee Chair who will via a duly-comprized executive comittee aim to deliver a 'recreationally-theemed tour of local alcoholic bevarage retailers featuring more than two but not more than six establishments seperated by walks of not more than 509 yards (a-proximately 465 meters) on july 23th 2010 (saturday) starting at 7.14pm ad-verse weather permiting (to be determined by AKET Weather Comittee or Vice-President for Weather in the event a corate Weather Executive can not be conveened at short notise".

As well as hoping its members will use the opportunity to meet Koreans and create a more positive impression of foreign English teachers here, AKET says it is also keen to use the event to disprove a long standing accusation that it couldn't organize a drunken party in a brewery, by ensuring that while the pub-crawl is free, it requires registration in advance for a ticket.

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