Sunday, July 10, 2011

Should the Olympics Always Be Held in Korea?

The Olympic Games have been homeless since it was relaunched in modern times, wandering around the rich countries of the world like a nomad. Obviously while the rich countries that have hosted the Olympics have been happy to have it as a guest, none of them have so far seen fit to offer it a permanent place to stay.

Korea is world famous around the world for its hospitality, leading many people to wonder if this country shouldn't extend this hospitality towards offering the Olympics a permanent home once it comes to Pyeongchang. As more and more people around the world learn Korean, watch K-dramas, listen to K-pop and buy K-auto parts, an Olympics permanently set in Korea could also become a cultural celebration of all things Korean which people around the world love so much. An Olympics permanently staged in Korea would allow those not fortunate to be born Korean to make a regular pilgrimage to this country.

There is precedent for always staging the Games in one location. During ancient times, only 3,000 years after the Korean civilization - the oldest in the world - was founded, the Olympics were always held in Greece. Greece today is too poor to permanently hold the Olympics, and while the rich nations of the world did allow Athens to host the games recently in 2004, this supposed act of charity helped bankrupt the country, forcing it further into the arms of the aggressive European Union's bureaucratic empire, as planned.

Many believe Korea should not allow the new-found respect and awe the world has for it in winning the Games to go to waste. They say Korea should start lobbying Olympic Committee members to accept Korea's manifest destiny in permanently hosting the Olympics, in recognition of Korea's increasing wealth and global cultural dominance.

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