Friday, March 30, 2012

Korean Worker Drinks 1.5 Coffees a Day

According to The Korea Times, Kim Ji-hyun - an office worker - starts the day with a cup of coffee; and after lunch, she goes to the coffee house with her colleagues for another. Kim consumes slightly more than the average for a Korean worker - 1.5 cups per day - as coffee has become one of the most preferred drinks here.

There is about a one-in-three chance that she drinks coffee from Vietnam, a one in eight chance that it is from Brazil, and a 10 percent chance that it is Colombian.

After returning to her office she works for five more hours - without drinking any more coffee - before going out with friends for the evening. Her friends ask her about being followed by Korea Times journalists, and they agree to contact the police.

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Korean worker drinks 1.5 coffees a day

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