Monday, February 13, 2012

Koreans Urged to Buy Gifts for Dokdo on Valentine's Day

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has urged Koreans to show their love for Dokdo by buying gifts for it tomorrow on Valentine's Day.

Despite all their bizarre claims to own Dokdo - which clearly they factually don't - Japanese people have never shown their love for Dokdo, because in all the years they have claimed it as their own, not one Valentine's gift or card has arrived from Japan for the islands.

If Dokdo truly belonged to Japan, it would be hurt ad upset by such insensitive treatment, but since Dokdo does not love Japan, the failure to receive any unwanted and embarrassing gifts from its Japanese stalker is something of a relief to the Korean territory, which never wanted a cross-cultural relationship.

Nevertheless, Dokdo should not be taken for granted, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is urging Korean people to make sure their love for Dokdo is loudly proclaimed through the purchase of many chaebol-manufactured gifts.

Last year, caution was advised when choosing candy for that special someone after the Korean Food & Drug Administration found that 12 out of 66 domestic candy manufacturers it had reviewed had unhygienic work environments or failed to properly mark expiration dates. But this should not be a concern in the case of buying candy for Dokdo, since Koreans' love for the islands has no expiration date.

Officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade were also keen to stress that buying gifts for Dokdo would not constitute a foreign affair under Korean laws and citizens would not be prosecuted under the country's adultery legislation.

The government has promised to carefully record the number of gifts Dokdo receives from Koreans this Valentine's Day, and the Ministry of Really Korean Territories will forward the evidence to the United Nations as part of its regular weekly 'Dokdo Facts' submission.

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